Reims Cathedral Kitset

by m_bergman, published

Reims Cathedral Kitset by m_bergman Nov 26, 2012

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Kitset of Notre-Dame de Reims.
Designed to be printed on UP! Plus.
62 pieces.
Drawn in Solidworks 2012.
All parts drawn from scratch referencing L'Instant Durable paper model, internet photos & books.

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Impressive! Thank you.

This is such an impressive model - I would love to be able to make this. Well done

Really impressive! Thanks for sharing.

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Pictorial instructions included in "reims_cathedral.zip" along with the .stl files.
Full assembly in parasolid format available in "reims_assembly_parasoild.zip"

Designed to be printed in ABS on UP! 3D printer. Parts are designed to be printed with the most detailed face(s) facing upwards for maximum detail. This means most bits should be printed laying flat.
I used 3mm raft onto perfboard, which had been smeared with liquid ABS.

There was an error in reims13c. A fixed version (13c1) is available in the download area, also the zip file has been corrected. The parasolid is correct.


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arnezVictor on Apr 20, 2014 said:

Impressive! Thank you.

cbr600ps on Mar 1, 2014 said:

This is such an impressive model - I would love to be able to make this. Well done

altiplano_bv on Dec 27, 2013 said:

Really impressive! Thanks for sharing.

gfletch on Oct 15, 2013 said:


This model is great, but what is better is the way you painted it and brought it to life. Can I ask you a few questions about that?

1. is this abs or pla?
2. what type of paints did you use? Acrylic?
3. is this just a wash of paint? How thick is it?
4. do you have any tutorials or tips?


Unknown on Oct 15, 2013 said:

It's in the instructions in the zip.

Printed on UP! Plus using standard pp3dp white filament.
0.2mm, normal, loose, 3mm raft.
Perfboard (screwed to plate) with thin smear of liquid ABS before each print.
All parts drawn in Solidworks 2012 from scratch, referencing L'Instant Durable paper model, internet photos and
Parts assembled with acetone, wicked between parts with a syringe. Hold together / clamp until dry (about 5 minutes.)
All fine details had a wicking of acetone to strengthen them. Blow on the surface of the part after applying acetone to
ensure there are no pools or puddles and the excess is spread out and can evaporate. If you leave a puddle the ABS
goes gooey and can take a day or more to cure.
Surface prep - remove strings, raft. That's it.
Paint job is quick and nasty, mainly to highlight the details.
Painted using mostly Citadel Acrylics (Acrylics best choise for ABS. I like the Citadel ones for brushwork, as they are
thicker, especially the new formulation base colours which cover really well with one coat.)
Base coat Citadel Desert Yellow, thinned, paint both sides ( or else the white makes it look translucent.)
Roof Airfix acrylic #53, not thinned.
Quick wash of Citadel Flesh Wash, varying levels of thinning, around all the statues, details and roof tops.
Citadel Black Wash for darker details.
Drybrush of Citadel Codex Grey in places where the wash had covered too much of the base coat.

Hierographix on Jul 16, 2013 said:

Hello, it is possible to buy a kit of this cathedral ? (unassembled) i'm extremly interessed and a realy need one. Thanks.

claudie on Apr 11, 2013 said:

You're architect? What kind of 3D print did you use?

andrewar on Apr 12, 2013 said:

Answers are in the description above

Aholmes711 on Mar 3, 2013 said:

could anyone who printed this please share the total print time for the kit? (include your printer model and resolution too please) and if possible the weight with/without supports of the total project, i believe this would make an amazing project as a demonstration of the capabilities of a 3d printer and would love to try it once i get a printer but i doubt thats one spool worth of filament and most likely a multi-day print for most printers not to mention assembly time. id like to have some details before i jump in over my head.

dxhacksaw on Sep 22, 2013 said:

it took me about 100 hours for printing and assembly time i used 1 and a half 750g rolls of abs and i printed it on a up mini with a resolution of .2

andescraft on Jan 20, 2013 said:

Hey, great kitset, beautifully rendered.
I've tried printing it with the Replicator 2 but it keeps giving me an error message after the slicing, has anyone had this problem or knows how to fix it? I'm really interested in making one of these.

luizlessa on Jan 16, 2013 said:


Robotikos_mokykla on Dec 29, 2012 said:

Hi, this is a wonderful work we will try inspiring our students with. However, the file reims13c.stl is not hollow as it should be to connect to reims27c. Could you share a hollow version that fits snugly with the 27c?

m_bergman on Dec 29, 2012 said:

Sorry, not sure what happened there, since my printed one is hollow. Revised file in download area, also new zip file. Parasolid was correct.

rahotep on Dec 13, 2012 said:

Really beautiful.

bkubicek on Dec 5, 2012 said:

the only problem with this print: it will take three generations of 3d printing, and so much support. Aliena and the quarry and everything. Oh my. I better get starting.

Dynamic on Dec 4, 2012 said:


MechTronic on Nov 29, 2012 said:

Amazing! by the way what scale is it in?

m_bergman on Nov 29, 2012 said:

Scale was decided by fitting the largest bits to the printer table.

steeve_becker on Nov 29, 2012 said:

Sublime travail !

sgraber on Nov 29, 2012 said:

How many pounds of ABS did this take?  ;)

m_bergman on Nov 29, 2012 said:

 270g assembled.
Estimate 450g including rafts, supports

Unknown on Nov 29, 2012 said:

So amazed! This is the new "test print".

Rasle500 on Nov 29, 2012 said:


dutchmogul on Nov 29, 2012 said:


adamsbriand on Nov 29, 2012 said:

Wow!  That's impressive.

Blown454 on Nov 28, 2012 said:

Amazing....just amazing!! Thank you soooo much for sharing such an incredible piece of art work. I am in awe everytime I look at the details of this model and realize the time it took just to model it (let alone the time it takes to print and assemble). Thank you!

3DPrintingSystems on Nov 27, 2012 said:

Excellent detail, the UP is an amazing machine

jackkollan on Nov 26, 2012 said:

Have to try it.

yzorg on Nov 26, 2012 said:

awesome work!
insane print.
soo..  we are challenged to work on full colour support in our openscource 3d printers.

ultimakerinleipzig on Nov 26, 2012 said:

wonderful project !! congradulations !! :-)
Can i ask, how many prints hours was this all together ?
Ian :-)

m_bergman on Nov 28, 2012 said:

Quickly adding up my logbook I got 78 hours. Not sure if that included duplicates bits like buttresses.

IMPRENTA3D on Nov 26, 2012 said:


naveod on Nov 26, 2012 said:

Stunning work sir.

aubenc on Nov 26, 2012 said:


woofy on Nov 26, 2012 said:

Absolutely the best printed model I've ever seen.Tick VG.

EricYoung on Nov 26, 2012 said:

Wow. Just wow.

MakeALot on Nov 26, 2012 said:

Fantastic detail!