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David SLS 3D-Scanner

by virtumake, published

David SLS 3D-Scanner by virtumake Dec 7, 2012


I built a David SLS 3D-Scanner to scan faces on other high detailed objects. My Printer helped me a lot to put all parts together.

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Thank You :)

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the Macro Lens Kit for the Bearmer I'm not sure on the kit? The ebay listen has been removed.

Yes, I think they are fine. You can use your webcam after the mod. However, at least in my case, I lost the IR filter and the color isn't that nice anymore.

Thanks for the reply.

I'm looking to have a go at this and am searching for the proper lens.

Will these do?



Also, after the webcam has been modified, will it still work well for laser scanning and for general use?

Thanks for sharing this information.

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This is an instruction to build a David SLS 3D-Scanner by yourself:

You need:

1) An ACER K11 LED Beamer: amazon.de/Acer-K11-LED-Projektor-Kontrast-2000/dp/B003M4O8IQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1354887596&sr=8-1

2) A Logitech Pro 9000 Webcam: amazon.de/Logitech-960-000482-Pro-9000-Webcam/dp/B002EL4LQ2/ref=sr_1_1?s=ce-de&ie=UTF8&qid=1354887630&sr=1-1

3) A Macro Lens Kit for the Bearmer: ebay.at/itm/37mm-Nahlinsen-Set-4-TEILIG-Makro-Linse-MACRO-Etui-/300796435635?pt=DE_Foto_Camcorder_Filter&hash=item4608dd5cb3#ht_2519wt_1139

4) A 12mm Lens for the Webcam: conrad.at/ce/de/product/754147/sygonix-CS-Objektiv-IR-Mega-12-mm-43191D

5) An Aluminum U-Profile 25x25 mm

6) Some screws and wingnuts to fix the Scanner and the Webcam on the Aluminum Profile

7) A Punched sheet of metal to shape the "U" that holds the webcam.

8) A Punched sheet of metal that holds the beamer on the Aluminum Profile

9) The Scanner Software: david-laserscanner.com/?section=Downloads

!!! Please note that you need the full version of David to save the result of the fusion process !!!

10) Patience

Building Instructions:

I) Dismantle the Webcam as shown in: ghonis2.ho8.com/Pro9000mod.html

II) Print the Webcam Box and the Webcam Tube

III) Fix the webcam board with its own screws in the webcam box.

IV) screw the 12mm lens into the webcam tube. Turn on the webcam. Find the optiumum distance between wecam and Lens. You will need to shorten the tube with an exacto knife to find the optimal distance.

V) Insert two screws inside the box and glue them. Glue the box and the tube with the lens.

VI) Shape the holder for the webcam (U) and fit the webcam in place.

VII) Drill holes into the U-Profile. The distances between the holes are from table (Step 2: Hardware Placement): david-laserscanner.com/wiki/david3_user_manual/structured_light

VIII) Glue the (Lens+2 - Macro Lens) on the Lens of the beamer.

IX) Mount the beamer on the U-Profile

IX) Mount the Scanner (Beamer, U-Profile, Webcam) on a tripod.

X) Follow the calibration instructions: david-laserscanner.com/wiki/david3_user_manual/structured_light

XI) Enjoy


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nate85cfi on Jul 16, 2013 said:

the Macro Lens Kit for the Bearmer I'm not sure on the kit? The ebay listen has been removed.

Mazor on Dec 11, 2012 said:

Are the lens modifications to the camera and projector really  necessary for decent SLS scans?

virtumake on Dec 11, 2012 said:

You get the best result, if the object fits just in the field of view of the webcam and the projector just covers the whole object.

Webcams generally have a wide viewing angle. You need to reduce this angle with the 12mm lens.

The focals point of the project is too far away. By adding the macro lens, you can put theobject right in front of the beamer.

ferret7 on Dec 8, 2012 said:

You also need to post up on the DAVID Vision Systems form...

I'm  the US importer/reseller for DAVID Vision Systems and they are always looking for interesting projects like this.

Best regards,

virtumake on Dec 8, 2012 said:

I tred to get an user for the forum. once your admin apprives my account, I'll post the project.

MaakMijnIdee on Dec 7, 2012 said:


Very nice project here! I also have David and I also want to scan faces. Can you please show some of your results with this setup?


virtumake on Dec 7, 2012 said:

Hi! I just uploaded a picture of an unedited scan from David.