OpenRC 1:10 Winter fun wheels

by barspin, published

OpenRC 1:10 Winter fun wheels by barspin Dec 8, 2012

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I needed to make something to get my car moving on the snow! So as a test i made these wheels for fun.

I only have a touring car with a low ground clearance which might not be ideal for this kind of driving but as i had nothing else i might as well give it a try. It worked quite well and i had alot of fun testdriving them!

Update 1: Added new version (A.7) with better center support. Video of wheels breaking: http://youtu.be/2yW74kWtUmA

I will add another video of the updated wheels later.

Update 2: As "DaleDunn" suggested i have added a "Herringbone style" version. Left and right. Haven´t printed them yet though.

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does it work on MakerBot replicator?

try making some winter wheels for a Nikko RC car. p.s. they go really fast

Hi. I'm kind of a newbie and was wondering if you would need to print this with support material. Awesome design by the way. Thanks.

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Print, put on your car and drive!

does it work on MakerBot replicator?

Dec 5, 2014 - Modified Dec 5, 2014

try making some winter wheels for a Nikko RC car. p.s. they go really fast

Hi. I'm kind of a newbie and was wondering if you would need to print this with support material. Awesome design by the way. Thanks.

Hey Binky,

Ya dropped ur wheel. It's HUGE!


hello i like you wheels they looking good i printed it i draw my thinks with autodesk 123D Design i can load up your wheel but i cant change every thing on it which program do you use ? my idea is simple for a good working wheel the material must be stronger

I tried printing this wheel with slic3r and it wasnt working. did you have to add supports and if you did what was the overhang threshold that you used?

Perhaps you'll need to rotate the part to make the exterior of the wheel to be printed first. I corrected a few errors using Netfabb studio, and then it works

love your work, you clearly can draw very easily, what package are you using..? I have done something similar to your proposed project with a RC aircraft (or two)... thanks again.. :) 

Thanks alot! I use TopSolid 7 which is awesome. Only downside: it´s not cheap... I´ve seen your planes, very cool!

Have you had any directional stability troubles with the straight paddles? I'm wondering if something like a herringbone pattern might be advantageous.

Thanks for your suggestion, new versions added!  =)

No, i haven´t. Not yet anyway. But it´s a really good idea i think, i will try to add a new version and post it later.

Hi, is the whole car an open-source car? Where can I get the files for all other parts or is there a project page?

Tanks, Martin

No i´m sorry it´s not at this time. But don´t worry, i´m working hard on creating a new one. Actually my intention is to try to do 4 different variations all based on one singlge base plate

. My idea is that it will be a touring car and a truggy. both with a 2wd and a 4wd version. I´m working on the gearbox for the 2wd version right but it´s alot of work. I will post some sort of Beta when the time comes...

The looks like it would leave beautiful rooster tails of snow! Wish I hadn't stripped the gears on mine.

You could print a plate that goes on the bottom of the car so it would "glide" over the snow.

That´s a good idea, i will do that tonight! Thanks for the input!

I don't have my printer yet (hopefully in the next 7-10 days) but this looks interesting.  I've been thinking about designing a few things for OpenRC and one of my goals was to have a vehicle capable of driving on snow and sand.

Have you considered adding a couple of thing rings to add strength between the fins?  That would potentially allow it to drive on hard surfaces without the risk of snapping the fins off, but if they're thin enough the wheel should still be able to sink into the snow enough to gain traction. I have a couple of T-Maxx so maybe when I get my printer I will try making these and, if there is snow by then, try them out!

Hi! Congratulations on by a 3D Printer, it´s the coolest thing to have!

That´s a good idea with the rings!  As it turned out the fins wasn´t the problem but the center was too weak. The uploaded version is modified with a stronger center piece.

does it use the standard 12mm hex ?

Yes, standard 12mm. 

Sorry, no video. (yet)

What kind of car did you start with?

barspin - in reply to bre

A 1:10 Electric touring car.  I´d rather use something like a "Truggy" for this but hey, you can´t do all at once. I´m designing a printable Open RC Truggy but it takes time so maybe a winter version of that next year perhaps.  =)