by mamclain, published

Mermaid by mamclain Dec 18, 2012


A Mermaid Model that is made from a bunch of derivatives

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You might need to scale this model to fit your printer, and reasonable scaling should produce good results.

You should probably print this with support material enabled, although if you modify the arm angle in blender you might be able to get it to print without support.

I removed my support up with a pair of wire cutters and did some smoothing with a nail file and a Rotary Tool. Be careful on the hands as the fingers are rather fragile.

I Printed with ABS White plastic

Be warned this model is not open scad friendly out of the box; blender is the recommended editing software for this model.

This model could use some more refinement and segment scaling and smoothing to look better. Nevertheless, this model was designed based upon the fact that printing acts like a mechanical filter that will remove most of the joint imperfections; However, feel free to clean it up in blender.

I like to run my printer slow and steady since my print deck has a tendency to dance around a bit so your configurations will vary.

I printed it with the following slicer settings

Layers and Perimeters Layer height .3 Vertical shells 2 Solid layers 4 top and 2 bottom

Infill Fill Density .25 Infill 1 Solid infill every 6 Fill angle 45 Solid infill threshold area 70

Speed Perimeters 50 Small perimeters 50 Infill 50 Solid infill 50 Top solid infill 50 Support material 60 Bridges 50 Gap fill 40 Travel 60

Filament and Temperature I was printing with 1.75mm filament with a bed temperature between 95C to 110C and a hot end temperature of 220.