Ornaments for Children's Party

by pmoews, published

Ornaments for Children's Party by pmoews Dec 17, 2012

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Here are two table ornaments for a children's party and some matching cookie cutters.

This began with a request for animal cookie cutters for a party. I started with the extensive set of cookie cutters by MaakMijnldee - (see Cookie cutter collection thing:35495). To get cookie cutters with sharp edges I converted some of MaakMijnldee's stl files to dxf files with openSCAD and used mrbenbritton's script - (see Pi Cookie cutter - and cookie cutter script thing:28882) to convert the dxf files to finished cookie cutters. The cookie cutters are in animal_cookiecutters.zip and the dxf files are in animals_dxf.zip

The dxf files are perfectly suited to make table ornaments like those described in Translucent Snowflake Ornament (thing:37006) and Small Desk Ornaments (thing: 37380).

Small_Animal_Ornament.stl is a spherical ornament 40 mm in diameter which sits on a LED tea light.

Big_Animal_Ornament.stl is a spherical ornament 70 mm in diameter which sits over a LED tea light.

Both ornaments display images from MaakMijnldee's collection of cookie cutters - see the image at the upper left.

The image shows the ornaments illuminated by green LED's. These bright tea lights are waterproof ones powered by 2 CR2032 cells. They are used by florist to light their arrangements. I got mine from Amazon but they are widely available.

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Very nice derivative of the cookie cutters! :-)

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On my Replicator the smaller ornament prints in 45 minutes, while the larger one takes about 2 hours. They can be printed directly on the build platform without support. Use natural ABS for the best display.

The dxf files are included in animals_dxf.zip. The zip file needs to be expanded to the folder animals_dxf and the folder included in the same directory as the openSCAD programs in order to generate the stl ornaments.

Very nice derivative of the cookie cutters! :-)