Giant Lego Christmas Minifig

by countspatula, published

Giant Lego Christmas Minifig by countspatula Dec 17, 2012


Skimbal made these awesome guys which have made great Christmas gifts.

I did a few tweaks. The original had a blank head and you would print 'face_mask' and draw it on. My version has the face modeled into the head. There's an innie and outtie version, I think the innie turns out better.

The body now has no text on the back and I cleaned up a few geometry problems.

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wow that is big
So cool! I will be printing one of these GIANT Lego minifig for Danny!...
i dont get the head out very well :-( the Corner at bottom Looks not good :-(

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Print out everything, I used 5% fill, 1 shell .25 layer height for most everything.

You have a choice of 3 heads and if you use the blank, also print the 'face_mask' to draw on the face. There are 2 bodies to choose from as well.

You may have to do some trimming on parts, in particular you may have to shave the corners on the bottom of the body so the fringe will go on easier. Trim the supports off the hips.

The pins should only have glue on the portion that goes inside the arms and legs, otherwise they won't move.

The hat and fringe need joined together, usually with 3mm filament bits used as pegs. I have 1.75mm filament, so I used some brass tubing, but you can use screws, toothpicks or just glue them together.

So cool! I will be printing one of these GIANT Lego minifig for Danny!...
i dont get the head out very well :-( the Corner at bottom Looks not good :-(
I've done it! :D
I've made an Openscad file to put names on the hat fringe! Will post soon :)
It uses the Write.scad to difference it from the hat fringe stl.

A BIG thankyou to Count Spatula for fixing up the geometry problems with Skimbal's files (Openscad cries like a kid with a grazed knee with these issues).
I won't get it...I'm printing this as 150% (scales by 1.5). My thoughts: if everything is scaled up, the spaces between those parts are scaled up, too. Nope! Why? I don't know - nothing fits together, my holes are too small for all printed parts.
Now I'm trying to play with the scale factor. Printed the pins at only 130%, fits perfect! Now I try the body fringe at 170% and hope this will help...
I printed the body fringe at 102% and it snapped on perfectly, no trimming required.
I bet your kids loved these.
I had a hard time getting the arm pins in place with a standard set of needle-nose pliers. But, I found that if you scale everything up by 20%, it's much easier to assemble. Plus, bigger is better :)
Supersize, nice. The arm pins are tricky, I used tweezers.
I printed these for my nephews, who love Lego.

I got a couple crocheted dice bags from a local hobby shop and filled them with mini-figs and candy. I uploaded a shot of that as well :)
Nice! Your red filament is great, much redder than mine.
It's makerbot Dark Sanguine Red. I love the stuff :)
Leg pins and .zip file have been updated to a 2-up layout.
This is FANTASTIC!!! Awesome stuff!!! I love how you have peoples names in the white of the hats!!!
I've been trying to get the text off the back and put on other text in Sketchup to no evail (learning to crawl with the program).

Now all we need is someone to write an Openscad program to import this and use the write.scad to really make it easy to modify! :-)
There's my excuse to learn more right there!
Maybe blender would work as well...
So many choices!!!
Once again, fantastic work! :-)
 Thanks Dogbert!  Once again, most of the credit has to goto Skimbal, I would have never sat down to make the thing from scratch.  Text can be a real pain to get on there right.  If you need something particular, let me know and if I have time I will send you an STL.
This is a great project and I would really like to make some of these. Do you have set of instructions on how to put the text in the hat fringe?
I use a deformer on the text in Cinema 4D, I can upload the file but you would need Cinema 4D R12 or higher to use it.