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Prusa i3 - STLs for Improved Laser Cut Frame Design

by rp_one_labs, published

Prusa i3 - STLs for Improved Laser Cut Frame Design by rp_one_labs Jan 2, 2013


Here are set of STL files for Prusa i3 design published by Twelvepro.com

IMPORTANT: With "improved laser cut frame", you can really, trully use all of the original Prusa i3 parts designed by Joseph Prusa and posted on github.
You don't need four parts for Z Axis because they are redundant and implemented with laser cut parts.

About posted files and how their differ from Prusa's design:

1. All clamping parts designed for GT2 2mm belts only.

2. X Idler uses M5 Screw to hold two 625ZZ Ball bearings. Original i3 used one M4 mounted bearing and printed idler.

3. Y Idler also uses M5 Screw to hold two 625ZZ. Original i3 used one M4 mounted bearing and printed idler.

4. X Motor Part has adustment screw to fine tune level of Z against Z end stop switch.

5. Y Corners have side cutouts for better wrapping of tie wrap around y shafts.

6. Y Belt Clamp has 0.9mm of clearance for belt which provides enough clamping and still you can pull belt trough it with pliers.

7. Y Motor - changes are purely cosmetical.

8. Y Bushing holders - better grip of LM8UU, also they look better to me.

Only STLs are here. Printer posted by Twelvepro thingiverse.com/thing:39889
He will repost these files, DXFs as well as BOMs, eventually.

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As far as I remember, prusa PG35L extruder was designed for his own stainless steel tube hot end, mounted via aluminum plate, that extruder version had no circular hole for typical hot end groove mount. Meaning, there is a need for mount plate. But I don't see it as a big problem. I think configuration files in that revision should not have any parameters for extruder.

I may have found the scad file. but where do I need to have the scad config file for the compile to "find it" to specify hot end etc..

Question goes to sgraber as more informed and active member of prusa i3 open source development. I have my own solution for PG35L extruder, but I am not ready to post it yet. It is going to be part of next iteration of my own branch of prusa i3, if I ever finish it ;-) Prusa previously had single PG35L extruder in his github, you should be able to find it, I think.

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matt_o_70 on Mar 3, 2013 said:

Where might I find the extruder PG35L mounting shown in the CAD model? I have a i3 and this is exactly the mount that I need.

sgraber on Mar 3, 2013 said:

Assuming Twelvepro didn't change the 24mm on-center hole spacing of the existing Prusa i3 x-carriage, you can grab the compact-extruder from here and it'll work: https://github.com/EiNSTeiN-/P...

More info here: http://reprap.org/wiki/Prusa_i...

scotty1024 on Jan 4, 2013 said:

The MendelMax micro extruder doesn't line up with the base plate from Twelvepro. They are off center from each other on the filament feed path by a couple mm.

scotty1024 on Jan 3, 2013 said:

The PrintrBot Jr and Diamond Age PLA make very smooth hard and slippery parts (people used to use PLA to make bushings for their printers). The nuts skip steps by sliding around on the PLA. They need to be trapped from spinning.

The nut traps appear to be about 2mm too narrow for the #10 nuts I have. My current plan is to melt them in with a soldering iron when I finally quit dithering over the extruder and finish out to being able to print.

The new X end motor is much stronger and indeed much prettier than the diamond shaped.
Great job!
Should be easier for Twelvepro to print as well.

scotty1024 on Jan 2, 2013 said:

The cad render isn't using the current design for the X end motor.

If the X belt clamp is being phased out I would recommend adding one of your nifty zip tie slots from the Y corners, or even two of them for securing the belt ends. Removing the tooth pattern would make printing easier.

You might want to add ribs to the Y bushing holders. I found the bushings to be loose enough to slide in and out. The LM8UU's have retaining clip rings in them for the ribs to pop into and securely lock them into place.

rp_one_labs on Jan 2, 2013 said:

As far X Carriage - I will not make any changes at this moment. It needs some improvement eventually, but still works the way it is quite all right, at least for me and J. Prusa.

rp_one_labs on Jan 2, 2013 said:

Try X end motor now, I upgraded STL.

How loose or tight Y bushing holders depends on your printer settings. Parts I printed very tight and don't need any improvement as far as securing LM8uu in place.

Current Y busing holders designed the way so only sides will deflect and hold LM8UUs, your suggested ribs will transfer stress over to the mounting surface, which is not the way it should work by design.

sgraber on Jan 2, 2013 said:

One general comment on your LM8UU holders: the ones in Prusa's git repository allow you to pop the y-carriage / heated bed off the smooth rods without removing the smooth rods from the y-axis assembly. With your version, if you want/need to pull your y-carriage / heated bed off the smooth rods, you have to cut the zip ties, lift the smooth rod out of the y-corners, and slide the bed off the rods.

I do see why you've done it your way, though, as it makes the whole assembly more uniform since the z-axis uses that concept.

scotty1024 on Jan 2, 2013 said:

Using the parts printed by Twelvepro I can not lift the smooth rods out. This was a bit of a challenge during assembly because the Prusa i3 parts I originally printed allowed the smooth rods to pop in and out vertically. I had to loosen the cross assemblies on each end enough so I could push the rods horizontally into the corners, then tighten the cross pieces back on using the Twelvepro parts.

Now that I have the STL's, thank you, I will see if the pop out issue is due to the generally low quality 3D printing in the Twelvepro parts.

I have been very happy with the design work on this variant and less impressed with Twelvepro's implementation of it.

rp_one_labs on Jan 2, 2013 said:

That's right, more uniform design, of just the way I like it to look.

For table installation I am "snapping in" assembled table with Y shafts inserted into Y corners, then I zip tie them, If I ever need to remove table - I will cut zip ties and pop out table together with Y shafts. I would not settle with current Y bushing holders unless it would be easy to assemble or remove table.