Customizable iPhone Case

by MakerBot, published

Customizable iPhone Case by MakerBot Jan 7, 2013

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Make a personalized iPhone case with the new MakerBot Customizer app!

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Needs to be slightly wider, other than that, it's cool!

printed a case for iphone 5s fits okay, but the buttons are deep and hard to get to

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Anonymous on Apr 14, 2014 said:


assig on Apr 14, 2014 said:

Needs to be slightly wider, other than that, it's cool!

zingo13 on Jan 7, 2014 said:

printed a case for iphone 5s fits okay, but the buttons are deep and hard to get to

Zom-B on Sep 6, 2013 said:

5width = 57.57;

should be:

5width = 58.57;

jwheels1 on Apr 24, 2013 said:

Any suggestions on how to set up the "slicer" so that the sides don't break off? More walls? or fewer walls? When I tried to remove the case, one of the side walls just split from the base?

yzorg on Apr 30, 2013 said:

i hope it helps

maybe check your printing temp. the materials get more brittle when too hot and layers dont glue very well when too cold. its a fine line.
also maybe.. if it sticks too well. just a slighty lower z-platform position on print start helps removing prints (in 0.01 steps)

Bellumgessi on Mar 18, 2013 said:

Cases I make out of this (BOTH iphone 4 and 5) are slightly too small. is this a customizer issue or a printer issue? looks like left top corner has the issue.. dremeled it out to fit. Going to try printing a 101% to see if this fixes overall tightness issue. Thoughts?

BykerSLC on Feb 8, 2013 said:

I printed the iPhone 5 version and it did not fit....... what can we do to fix this???

sethmoser on Mar 6, 2013 said:

Was it too small? See above with John A - might be the same issue?

JohnA on Jan 23, 2013 said:

Printed 2 now in ABS on a Replicator - both (for iPhone 4s) were too narrow.

sethmoser on Mar 6, 2013 said:

I had the same, John... I used this design in another one, and am working now on tweaking the code. I think there may have been a sign error on one of the equations for the "inside" of the case.

Have you had any luck since then?

frankkienl on Jan 13, 2013 said:

I looks like Slic3r doesn't like it..
Are there any specific Slic3r settings I should change?

As in: To keep Slic3r from freezing at 'Processing Triangulated Mesh..'.
I tried running the STL through Netfabb, but that didn't fix it.
The STL(s) look fine with MeshLab.

Any thoughts?

frankkienl on Jan 13, 2013 said:

It took more than half an hour, but Slic3r is done now :P
(i guess it was just a bit slow)

jasonwelsh on Jan 10, 2013 said:

Ok yep, its a cool case and the 12,000 choices pretty cool also but really? I can't say how sick I am of seeing phones , rings , signs and Ted's head from Minneapolis making a weird face like he is giving birth.

Gyrobot on Jan 10, 2013 said:

Thingiverse is now a sea of blue customized iphone cases, rings and personalised cards.

Great apps, but I dislike it's ability to spam the Thingiverse.

DirtySteve on Jan 10, 2013 said:

for the love of god remove this!

AUGuru on Jan 9, 2013 said:

Please make an RSS feed that filters out all these "customized" variants..

idea_beans on Jan 9, 2013 said:

Is there any way to change the setting so we don't see all these new iPhone covers or rings or signs popping up the front page? It's drowning out all the other unique designs done by people who spent hours/days designing and customising their things. It's getting a bit too much now... thanks heaps.

Weedz on Jan 8, 2013 said:

pls stop posting your designs all!!! its cluttering the site.... thingyverse is a site were beautifull things are being made and shared and not only Iphool cases