Creation Workshop - SLA / FDM Slicer and Controller

by PacManFan, published

Creation Workshop - SLA / FDM Slicer and Controller by PacManFan Jan 8, 2013

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I have just released the final 13 Beta version.

The latest release of this can be obtained from https://github.com/Pacmanfan/UVDLPSlicerController/tree/master/UVDLP/Published

Hey everyone, I've been working recently on building a UV-Resin based 3d printer with a DLP projector. One thing that I have noticed is the lack of open-source software for UV-Printers. What I am uploading here and hosting on GitHub ( https://github.com/Pacmanfan/UVDLPSlicerController ) is an open source project under the Creative Commons license that can be used to:
1) Load and Slice Models (UV DLP)
2) Control a 3d UV/DLP printer.
3) Control an FDM printer (Reprap & similar)

It supports both ASCII & Binary STL files, as well as 3DS and OBJ files.

The latest Beta 13 has some great new features:

Fixed all reported issues in version 12  
Improved Camera Controls (Thanks Shai!)  
Volume & Cost Estimator  
Huge reduction in memory usage  
Instant Slicing  
Revised future-proof config files  
Additional support generation tools  
Fixed the intersection issues in support generation & object selection  
Simplified GUI (G-Code controls)  
New Plug-In System  
Instant Slicing  
Other things I forgot...  

To answer a few questions ahead of time:
-This project uses C#, and seems to work on Windows, Linux, & Mac (under Mono) just fine.

  • Multiple monitors are supported. The secondary monitor on the system is assumed to be the DLP display monitor.
    -I'm also using a 1024x768 Infocus DLP projector.

I'm looking for others who can contribute to this project.

You can follow me on my BlogSpot : http://probjectblogs.blogspot.com/
or on my Website: http://www.envisionlabs.net/

I have also started a Forum dedicated to helping people build thier own SLA / DLP resin machines. You can find it here:


The latest release of this can be obtained from https://github.com/Pacmanfan/UVDLPSlicerController/tree/master/UVDLP/Published

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Hi Pacman and thanks for this wonderful slicer.
I am trying to make this work on a makerbot replicator clode (CTC model) to modify it afterwards as a SLA printer. However there is no way I can connect it to the software and no response from the printer. It keeps saying it is connected using generic however nothing else happens and by the speed of the connection I can assume that it is not actually connected. I tried everything without any success.


Come to our www.buildyourownsla.com forums for help!

Nice work!!! It works great on my SeeMeCNC Droplit printer. One comment... for whatever reason, the Droplit has about a 1" diameter build plate but has a 4" diameter petri dish for the vat... is there any options to specify that when building so that supports work correctly?

Dear friend i have some suggestions.
in Configure Machine window are displaying not right values as they are loaded. When Estimated Build Time is more than 24 hours, the
calculated time displayed for 24 hours less.
In previous 13th version GCode programming is more liberal. Now in new release we can not save work in Gcode mode and than
reload it . Now we can not do any changes in program in Gcode mode. If it is possible please recover Gcode working
possibility as it was in previous version.
Add the opportunity to input moving distance value manually in Control window.
Also please add the opportunity to change default speed value from 200 to another custom default value.
In previous version model was loading in position as it was saved. Please let us choose this function.

Thank you for quick response. Great job.

Thank you for so useful program. If it is possible, please add another BROWSE button in preferences , which will allow to choose image file as foreground, as mask for printable area.
Thank you.

This comment has been deleted.

Print when you can know where to slice play, so you do not have to keep the machine in the next

. I hope you can support and overlapping model piece in the middle is black, this part should be printed, I'm long-winded, thank you,

I found a problem with the Magics plus support, software is not compatible, I like to add support for Magics, great,

Thanks you PacMan.

Can you give me profile of makerbot 2X ?

Very nice app.

This is just an idea. Lets say you have a top down DLP printer and you have a large vat, you will want to print parts on top of each other. The easiest way I think to add parts would be is if you have multiple virtual platforms. So you have the base platform and then many virtual platforms, as many as you want to create. You can create a build platform maybe above the highest object on the bottom platform or maybe create a virtual platform a certain height from the base platform.

The app can then create support material from the bottom parts to the parts on the next build platform. It will just make it easier to keep things flat if you are printing more and more parts on top of each other

If you make your build volume the following it is a bit difficult to get to the top of the build area


Found a problem, supporting with overlap model, the slice play out in the middle is black, the part should be printed, thank you,

Multiple models can overlap with no issue, a single model that self-intersects can cause problems.

Support overlaps with the model, you can not print

Play Slice has crashes Creation File contents 20:35:14.421> Changing driver type to eGENERIC

20:35:14.421> Changing monitor driver type to eGENERIC

20:35:14.562> Info:Loaded plugin plugTest

20:35:18.906> Changing driver type to eGENERIC

20:35:22.187> Changing driver type to eGENERIC

20:35:23.203> Connecting to Printer on COM6 using eGENERIC

20:35:23.484> Device Connected

20:35:28.109> Disconnecting from Printer

20:35:28.187> Device Disconnected

20:35:31.687> Model Loaded C:\zcll\connector_peg_with_friction.stl

20:35:31.765> SliceFile Created

20:35:37.515> Model Loaded C:\zcll\multivrob01.stl

20:35:37.609> SliceFile Created

20:35:56.578> Slicing started

20:35:58.015> Connecting to Printer on COM6 using eGENERIC

20:35:58.156> Device Connected

20:35:58.796> Can't find screen .\DISPLAY1

20:35:58.828> Print Started

20:35:58.828> Printing layer 1 of 1344

20:36:14.671> Printing layer 2 of 1344

20:36:24.781> Printing layer 3 of 1344

20:36:34.890> Printing layer 4 of 1344

20:36:44.937> Printing layer 5 of 1344

20:36:55.000> Printing layer 6 of 1344

20:37:05.062> Printing layer 7 of 1344

20:37:15.125> Printing layer 8 of 1344

A seriously great development PacManFan. It is amazing you matched this on your own! My biggest thanks for making Creation Workshop open source. One hurdle less to finally realize my DLP dream.

Dear Sir,
thanks for your reply and happy to know that you would like to exporting the svg soon , and I would like
to try to use it for laser printer !

Dear Sir,
I have followed your software for long time already , I like your software and found that your software is very powerful and can calculate very fast , that's good for user . when you are in version 11 I still hope that you will develop the SVG format , but start from version 12 and 13 , the SVG icon was disappeared in your software , why ? Does it mean you won't develop the SVG any more ?
From the beginning I am waiting and hoping you will develop the SVG format, but since the SVG icon disappeared that really made me disappointed ! Hope you will start the SVG development very soon .

No one has actually asked for SVG exporting yet. I was looking into supporting an industry standard such as CLI or SLI files. I'll probably add exporting soon. What do you need SVG for?

Great project,

I test the first time, the previous situation didn't happen, great, now the firmware seems to have is not the same as before, I used to use the Sprinter - master of firmware, slice thickness can change, how do I feel section size wrong, such as 10 high slice shows 134, setting is 0.1 mm, maybe I can't wait, didn't set well.

I think that is my system problem, redo or, later, every time slice
to more than 200 collapses, suggest a software problem,

I believe that I've found and fixed the issue that was causing the crash. It should be fixed in the next release.

Now what's the solution didn't, now you can print dot, Z high tip
software errors, these are going to motor still work, is the middle of the
figure prompted icon, my email address, [email protected]

First of all thank you for your offer such powerful software, very good, when I
was in a bit of a problem, sometimes printed to the half of the time, the
software automatically shut down, 05. 09 is such, then software has a 0 bit is
set. Just couldn't get on the midway software crashes motor, very troublesome.

One other thing, if a crash occurs, copy and save the "Creation.log" file. It should have any details of the crash. You'll need to save the log file somewhere else before you re-launch the software again, otherwise it will get overwritten.

Crashes are never a good thing. I'd like to reproduce the problem and see if I can fix it for you before my next release. Can you send me the profiles you are using (machine and slicing) as well as the model? Also, what is the configuration of your computer (OS, memory size, etc..) Sorry about the crash :-(

Configuration files sent to your mailbox, please check

"Creation.log" Tip: in the file; 02/25/2013 Alpha 04

Added in the ability to load multiple objects

Implemented Move / Rotate / Scale

implemented Slicing of entire scene

GUI changes / fixes

02/22/2013 Alpha 03 release

Added GCode Load/Save functionality

Added Pixel offset to generated slices

Added Lift control with pre and post-lift gcode

Added blank screen with additional blank delay

Added a direction flag to control top-down or bottom-up machines

02/22/2013 Initial Alpha 02 release

Added in Raw GCode display to send GCodes

Fixed Build Issue

Added in First Layer exposure time

Added in Z Feed rate in Machine Configuration

Temporarily changed GCode generation to use relative movements

Removed front-page connection serial port. Connection config is now done through connection screen.

02/21/2013 Initial Alpha 01 release

Appreciate your timely help me solve the problem, small model
collapse was found, more than 80 slice or a lot of time is the operating system,
Windows, Windows xp 2 gb of memory. In your profile, can we change the motor

Hello PacManFan

The Generic Driver was my Problem :). My New Proplem is, thats the z akse moving in only direction. The x and y Aksis und both directions. Can you help me with this Problem?



I want operate my printer with Creation Workshop 10. The cut and sent to the projector is good work, but does not want to control the ramps. About Printrun I can move all the stepper from my Ramps. Creation Workshop can connect but more not happen. can you help me further?

Thanks and sorry for my English

Here are a few things to check: Make sure you're using the 'eGeneric' driver in you machine profile. Make sure your firmware on your RAMPS board is set to 115200. Let me know how it works.

Hi everybody!!! Great job. I like the software. I have downloaded both beta9 and beta10 versions. But on both versions I have the same issue. In beta10 version "Add manual support" and "Add automatic supports" buttons are inactive. In beta10 version "Print" button is also inactive, but it is active in beta9. Please help!

And please add color invert function in options.

The 'Add manual support' and 'Add automatic Support' options are disabled for now. You should use the 'Build' button and not the print Option. The print option will be enabled for powder-based printers when it is ready. I can add an invert or color selection to the next version.

while I try to load a object into the program the system become slow and lagging. I using a laptop with window vista and with Intel duol core and 2gb of ram.
is the my pc hardware problem..?

I'm fairly certain that you probably tried to load an ASCII STL file. See if you can convert the file to a Binary STL and try again. I know for certain that there is a bug with my ASCII STL loader.

Any updates/fixed coming soon ;-)? Like always: Great Job!

I should have a new version in the next week or so, I've been fixing the automatic support generation.

Great work ! I'have been for 20 years in 3d scanning and 10 years in 3d printing... I have cnc, solidscapes machines and a cpx... just building a 3d dlp printing machine.. near Place Vendome in Paris, I think we can exchange...

Message me: [email protected] . I'm currently working with 3 companies to incorporate support for various 3d UV DLP Printers.

Hi, First thanks alot for this great job, also I am kind of stupid in electronics, Is thsi software compatible with RAMPS 1.4? is fo how shall i set it up?

I should probably take the time to write a hardware guide. Many people have been asking about this. I'm using a RAMPS 1.3 board running Sprinter on mine. Setup should be fairly straight forward. You may need to recompile your device firmware to match the hardware characteristics of your machine (pin numbers / steps per mm/ etc). Beyond that, what other hardware configuration questions did you have?


I am using a Casio XJ-A140V DLP Projector (No laser Diodes and Heatsink) that is enhanced with a 20 W UV LED (I hope It works), I have a Rams 1.4 that is modified for 24V power supply. Waiting for my Stepper motor and still looking for a Low backlash Z Guid screw (any Idea?) I am looking if possible :) get a layer thickness of 10 micron from my machine (at least its my Dreaming?!) But I am Newbie in software.
I am still confused about yoru machine? what controller are you using? a common mach3 compatible controller or an Ardunio+Ramps Based driver?
can you please explain about the details? anyway i really appreciate what you have done until now and if have not seen your site, i was never thinking to build my own DLP printer :)

Hello vollnormal
what settings need to be made for the support Generator ?
I tried it but I do not get it yet

Newest version...Located in the menu somewhere...But still buggy

I've been touching up the GUI for use with a 8" Touchscreen. Will fork when done...One bug in the support Generation...Support is not created everywhere. Difficult to explain, see image :-) http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z114/vollnormal/SuppBug_zps3ddfb6aa.pnghttp://i190.photobucket.com/al...

I'm still in the process of putting in Support generation, both Manual and Automatic, It should be complete in the next release.

I'm just here to build a DLP printer, when the printer is ready I will try your software.Thanks

Hello PacManFan
Thank you for Sharing , it Looks very Good

Also Busy building my Machine...I think whats still missing is the ability to insert custom code before the lift and after the lift. This would allow a VAT seperation movement for example. But VERY VERY well done!

If you look in the \Profiles\default directory, you'll see 4 gcode files. prelift.gcode and postlist.gcode are the files you're looking for. Any gcode in these files will be inserted on a per-layer basis for the pre/post list.
Make sure you've got the latest release (Alpha 05) and you install in a clean directory.

Found it, perfect. Also communicating well with my live maschine. Now I only have to finish the Machine ;-). Like you say, the STL loader is buggy. Well done once again!

As long as you're loading binary STL's, it should be 100%. Ascii STL's still have some issues.

looking good, I am truly impressed!
When it comes to programming I am as daft as a doorknob, but please let me know if you need any mechanical designwork done on this project!

Hello PacManFan


You're welcome. Do you have a UV DLP printer to try it on? I could use more testers.