TF2 Sentry Mk2 - Team Fortress 2 Sentry Gun

by Riddellikins, published

TF2 Sentry Mk2 - Team Fortress 2 Sentry Gun by Riddellikins Jan 27, 2013


After racking up some experience points for using a 3D printer I decided to revisit my sentry model. The first model was, to say the least, embarrassing, so I have attempted to redeem myself by making this one.

I have managed to make just about every mechanism that moves in the game, move in real life. It has taken hours and hours to design and about 3 days of printing, painting and assembling to make. But the finished product is, epic, if I do say so myself.

<b>NOTICE: The original concept for this model - the Team Fortress 2 - Level 1 Sentry - is copyright of Valve Software Incorporated 2012.</b>

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Please make this in STL cannot use Cura for this!
Thanks, that's what I did in the end.

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<i>In Black:</i>
Leg Brackets.stl
Bolts, Barrel Extension and Feet.stl
Centre Mast.stl
Back Positioning Linkage.stl OR Optional One Part Linkage.stl (the second one is in one part so that it is easier to print, it does NOT move though)

The 'back positioning linkage' and 'centre mast' require support material. I did keep supports at a minimum but I could not see a feasible way to split these parts without making them ridiculously small.

<i>In Red:</i>
Red Ammo Canister.stl

I found assembly quite straight-forward (probably because I designed it) but you can refer to the Sketchup model in the downloads that has the assembled model in it. I also took a picture of the parts for the bottom part of the model laid out on the table.

As a basic rule for assembly: If it has a hole in it, then put a shaft there. If it doesn't have a hole: glue it.

<b>Clean Up:</b>
Some of the parts may need to be stiffened up with a bit of paint or a thin layer of plastic (by using ABS juice). I found that the centre mast was a little loose and needed to be a little stiffer as the only thing stopping the whole top part of the sentry from falling is friction. Printing the red part hollow could help this since it would mean that there is less weight at the top,

<b>Admire:</b> your newly constructed sentry

<b><i>Print:</b></i> a matching and to scale dispenser and teleporter. (coming later throughout the year as I have started my school term)

Please make this in STL cannot use Cura for this!

Oct 10, 2014 - Modified Oct 10, 2014


<p>I can't for the life of me print the shafts properly. Are they really meant to be standing? I'm thinking that printing them flat is likely to work better.</p>

<p>Hi hyperair. I printed the shafts using a very large brim to stop them from snapping off the print bed (which I am assuming is what is happening to you). My G-Code looked something like this: http://goo.gl/Yuc3tp&lt;br&gt;The shafts are not of any particular measurement though so you can just leave them to print until they do eventually snap off and then use the part where it got to.</p><p>The upload page is not working for me at this point but you can find an STL of the shafts on their side at this link if you want to try that: http://goo.gl/Amb6F0&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p&gt;The reason I originally did them standing up is because it produced a shaft that is more circular for me because I used to have a really badly calibrated z-first layer which made the first part of the circle flat. :)</p><p>Hope it works for you,<br>Riddellikins</p>

<p>Thanks, that's what I did in the end.</p>


<p>Now, make it life size ;)</p>

<p>You are awesome. Thank you SO MUCH.</p>

<p>Do any of the parts need support, because at least just looking at the Back Partitioning Linkage, some of the parts do not look to be in contact with the build platform.</p>

<p>Sorry about that. I meant to mention support material but I forgot. 'back positioning linkage' and 'centre mast' require support material. I have fixed than up in the instructions now.<br>Thanks</p>