Tube roller

by pintokitkat, published

Tube roller by pintokitkat Jan 24, 2013

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An adaptation of alany's tube key http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:21410 that includes a squasher frame and end cap to hold the key in place. The slot in the squasher is offset to help the tube go around the key.

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This happened to me too. Both holes (where the 'key' goes through) broke almost immediately with no pressure. Fabbed in ABS.
I've uploaded the Sketchup file.

Glad you like the gadget.
Can you please upload the editable files. I like this a lot, but it's about 1/8" short for the width of my sensadyne toothpaste.

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Push the key through the two holes - it's meant to be tight - and then push the end cap on the key to stop it coming back out.

Later... It was pointed out that the .stl file had two parts higher than the third one, so I've tried to realign them and centre them on the platform. New .stl uploaded that is, in all other respects, the same as the original.

Later still... I beefed up the frame a bit as some people said it was too flimsy. I had also noticed that, whilst aluminium tubes work ok, plastic ones try to unroll themselves, so I turned the end cap into a ratchet wheel and added a spring to the end of the frame. It seems ok, but only time will tell. Use the original key, but use the tpr2 ratchet and tpr2frame to make the improved version.

<p>Can you please upload the editable files. I like this a lot, but it's about 1/8" short for the width of my sensadyne toothpaste.</p>

<p>I've uploaded the Sketchup file.</p>

<p>Glad you like the gadget.</p>

<p>This would have been great if it weren't for the ratchet stopper thing, which is very easy to break, and it did, in 2 places, within minutes of handling it. There has got to be a better way. I put some acetone on it and am waiting on the results, but I think the piece is too brittle for the acetone to hold it in one piece for long.</p>

<p>Did you make it from PLA or ABS? PLA seems more brittle, ABS more forgiving.</p>

<p>I appreciate it's delicate - you could beef it up a bit, but several people have made it and keep using it without problems.</p>

<p>I head to scale the ratchet to 105%.</p>

<p>This was one of the first things I printed, but I still use it pretty much everyday :)</p>

<p>Strange - me too!</p>

<p>Nice idea, but either i don't get how to use it or it's a bit impractical.</p>

<p>You take this with a nearly depleted tube in one hand, the toothbrush in the other hand, and... what to crank the key with?</p>

<p>There is not enough tube left to squeeze.</p>

<p>Would be nice to have a similar item with a one-hand-crank-capable shape.</p>

<p>Ah, I can see your problem - you only have two hands.<br>The point of the thing is not to use it to dispense toothpaste, but to use it to encourage the paste to the top of the tube, if you are happened to be blessed with a partner who insists on squeezing it from the middle.<br>So, put your toothbrush down for a minute and leave the cap on the tube. Wind the key to push the paste to the end of the tube. Stop winding and use that hand to pick up the toothbrush. Then take the cap off the tube and use the brush to wipe the paste off the wall, where it has now splattered under pressure.</p>

<p>The key works fantastically but the walls on the squasher were a bit thin. Snapped one off on my second tube of paste :( </p>

<p>Might need a little triangular buttress or something - or just wider</p>

<p>The rest is brilliant though!!</p>

<p>I've heard that from a couple of people and, as I'm working on an improved design anyway. I'll beef the walls up a bit. Thanks for the feedback.</p>

<p>This works great. The squasher was a great addition. My only suggestion for improvement is to make the squasher a bit thicker so that the walls around the holes are thicker/stronger. They are rather thin and breakable, at least with my print. Cheers!</p>

This happened to me too. Both holes (where the 'key' goes through) broke almost immediately with no pressure. Fabbed in ABS.

<p>can you upload each part individually? i would like to lay the holder down, should print quicker.</p>

<p>Well I can do (in fact I will) but with it laying down the slot, which is only a couple of mills wide, would probably fill up with strings as it tried to span the gap and internal support would be a pain to remove. <br>Anyhow, up they go.</p>

<p>Ha, that's nice. Simple, yet powerful. :-)</p>

<p>There is a problem with your STL. Both the bracket and the knob are 0.24 mm above the floor.</p>