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by kj6epl, published

Anti-Mac Logo by kj6epl Jan 30, 2013

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This is for people who don't think that Mac is be best thing that ever happened to mankind. Onion's quote "I'll buy anything that's shiny and made by Apple!" from their Macbook Wheel video is just all too true, especially with people doing ridiculous things because they HAVE TO to be first to get that new iPhone.


  1. Watch the MacBook Wheel vid and rofl (http://www.theonion.com/video/apple-introduces-revolutionary-new-laptop-with-no,14299)
  2. Print the 3D model or one of my 2D renderings, go flaunt it in front of some Mac lovers, and be ready to be accused of blasphemy.
  3. Derivative it! Here are some project/derivative ideas:

-Android phone case
-Android superhero costume
-Computer case decoration
-3D Printer case decoration
-Android only charging station
-Musical instrument case sticker
-Bumper sticker
-Refrigerator magnet
-DIY desktop speakers
-Checkers or Chess: Mac vs PC
-Checkers or Chess: Mac vs Android

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I have an idea to use this icon!
Thanks for sharing these files!

I love it! Boo Apple!

Can you make one for Winblow's too? ;P

Why would you want an anti mac logo if mac is clearly the best there is. Everyone who hates mac's hate them because they don't have the money for one. Mac lasts forever!


No my friend, Macs only last as long as your Apple Care plan. After that, they're often more expensive to fix than they're worth, and you're forced to buy a new one. Mac also recently has started building booby-traps into their products (such as screws with a difference of 0.01mm in length in the iphone 5; put the wrong one in the wrong in the wrong spot and it destroys the PCB) to prevent knowledgeable folks like myself from doing my own repairs. I'm a hardware hacker, and such tamper proofing pisses me off big time. Reason #122 macs are garbage.

May 9, 2015 - Modified May 9, 2015
Montiey - in reply to kj6epl

I see where you are coming from, but if apple told you how to hack apart you iPhone, then everyone would be attempting repairs themselves. This is helping apple sell their apple care program, but also saving peoples phones at the same time in some ways. Try it yourself, put the screws back in wrong, and you might break your phone, but get apple to do it, and its just maybe a little more expensive. People will learn that getting things fixed by some sort of certified service is to their benefit also.

Sep 5, 2014 - Modified Sep 5, 2014

I think its hysterical seeing all these people hate on macs... Their jealousy is so apparent!

yes lol
also those who think apple is so great then tell me why they dont have their own gaming system microsoft does soo HAA

May 9, 2015 - Modified May 9, 2015
Montiey - in reply to FREELANCER_ALASKA

Accessibility, integration, ease of use,
Industry leading design,
Environmental safety,

Cool concepts like Holo-lense.
Shoving windows onto Arduino and Raspberry Pi (These systems DO NOT need a more powerful system, and especially not windows.) (Plus, the fundamental ideas behind Arduino and Raspberry Pi are totally Do-It-Yourself type things. Microsoft getting their buggy little fingers into these nice clean company will ruin them for the people that they were created for, and by.)
Good gaming platform (they don't even make many games, just took the right steps to allow other people to do it for them).

If all you have is an Xbox, then sure. You don't need apple to exist at all.
However, nobody just has an Xbox.

Case and point people, just compare and then think about things for once.

Is it truly that hard to keep your controversial opinions to yourself?

Its not easy.

If Apple really is the best, then why do they have to resort to using the courts to prevent Samsung from improving their product? After all, competition in the consumer market is a good thing... too bad their noses are so high up in the air that they can't recognize that.

more like too busy using their iphones. ;P

Failure is not an option. It comes pre-installed on your windows machine.

What's the difference between a trampoline and a Windows?
Two things-
1) The trampoline is good for something.
2) you take off your shoes to jump on the trampoline.

What do computers and air conditioners have in common?
They both stop working when you open windows.

In a world without fences and wall, who need Gates and Windows?

Stupid waste of plastic.

And now about Mac:

-Excessively expensive.
-DRM and proprietary junk worse than anything Microsoft would come up with.
-Blatantly ignores existing industry standards instead of trying to be compatible with them.
-Many users have their nose high up in the air.
-Mac prefers looking pretty over being functionally efficient.

Additionally, you can get most of the benefits of Mac OS on a PC minus the crap said above by dual booting Ubuntu and Windows.

"-Mac prefers looking pretty over being functionally efficient"

Hem hem. Just go google the flat screen iMac with the swivel base. I don't see how that is prettier than it is useful.

In response as a neutral person who uses Macs and PC's all the time (along with iOS and Android devices):

  • Macs were actually proven not to be any more exspensive to comparable specifications, in fact they were shown to be cheaper when you took into account the screen, bundled mouse/keyboard, OS being free (instead of the $200+ from MS), bundled office apps, etc. Give it a quick Google and you'll see the articles backing this up.

  • OS X is built on an open source operating system called Darwin. Apple make many parts of the OS freely available. In comparison Windows is a closed system, with no opensourced areas of it.

  • I assume you're referring to the old USB vs Firewire debate, which I do completely agree with you, was pathetic. Now however macs use standard chips and standard ports (USB 3). Most come with HDMI and Displayport via Thunderbolt, which providers greater expansion options than a PC without thunderbolt.

  • Yes 1000% agree with you there, a lot of mac users are elitist. As someone who has to work with those kinds of people though I must say there are similar groups of Windows and Linux 'fanboys' with a very similar attitude. You'll get that with anything however.

  • Personally I couldn't care less about the looks. However this is a bit of a non-argument. Take the upcoming Mac Pro. Whilst on the face of it, you might think its all about looks, its actually about the insides. They've designed it to use a single fan which is a lot more energy efficient than any other computer of the same or similar specs. It's been designed to be extremely efficient, even if it does look like a fancy dustbin.

Sorry but the Mac vs PC crap doesn't really work anymore and its pretty pathetic - use what works for you, neither you nor I should judge someone because they use one operating system over another. That'd be like slating someone for reading a different newspaper to you. It makes no sense whatsoever.

+1 for REAL justice

Thank you! My sentiment exactly. If you ask me, the best strategy is too bootcamp a mac. You get beautiful graphics, great speeds and the few benefits of windows. In addition, all non-touchscreen PC laptops are shit. No laptop should require you get another mouse because the one that's built in is too terrible. Sorry if this comment seems out of place. It just seemed like the perfect time for a rant against PCs.

"No laptop should require you get another mouse because the one that's built in is too terrible." ORLY? Let's not forget that Mac mice only have 1 button. Windows assumes you have at least 2 buttons on your mouse. That means that if you are using bootcamp, it will be clumsy unless you buy a standard mouse for your Mac.

It's not my fault that Microsoft hates better mice.

Well, I guess that depends on what your definition of better is. If you define it as simpler, then yes mac wins. But as the Onion points out (link in description), oversimplification can be a problem at times. I define better as "enables you to get stuff done faster", and for speed a mouse with multiple buttons wins as you don't have to hold buttons on the keyboard while clicking to access special functions.

Its called right click. Throw out your iMac hockey puck mouse, go to the apple store, get a real one, and them make your argument.

I just realized that this somehow became a petty YouTube comments style argument with two equally ridiculous sides bitching about the other being stupid. What level have we stooped to?

Exactly right! I have boot camp.

lets waste some plastic to this "creative" thing, common guys really? this is so 5 years ago.. fuck mac, fuck windows everything is bullshit.. it should work..

I am printing 1000 right now!

No one cares except you apple haters!

Post your pics!

Yes, please. Post your pics- So I can reverse engineer them and turn them into memes for everyones benefit.

Wow, the hypocrisy of some of the comments here.

Now I am a fan of the “every OS sucks” standpoint, but
really people. How many times have the
Mac lover here said thinks like “Windows sucks!”?

Really people; check you self!

Finally! an honest person!

Lamer Take your hate somewhere else this is a forum for creativity

Here's another one for you Mac fans: Android is an Opensource Linux distribution maintained by Google. What about Mac? It's closed source, proprietary code just like Windows.

RickM, October 31, 2013: OS X is built on an open source operating system called Darwin. Apple make many parts of the OS freely available. In comparison Windows is a closed system, with no opensourced areas of it.

-Quoted with pleasure.

LOVE THIS from kb3but

Andrew, I don't care who you hate, just don't do it under your call sign. You only disgrace the Amateur community.

7777773 - in reply to alf3

The only people that notice at all are ham operators... until you streisand effect-ed it.

I think you're just blowing this out of proportions. Mac is not a religion or lifestyle. It's a brand of electronics, and that's all. In reality it's no different from people who put a "my Chevy pees on Ford" decal on their truck, except that I'm using a circle-slash instead of an offensive image.

kj6epl - in reply to alf3

So you're saying that to be a ham I have to be a Mac fan? If so, then why is there more Windows TNC software than Mac? And why does the IRLP software run on Debian (Linux) not Mac?

LOL like it! (despise Apple, hated my iPhoney (HUGE step backwards in productivity), like my iPod touch, and will have to pry my Mac from my dead cold hands, but Apple is nothing but bullies with a proven slogan of " Yesterday's Technology Tomorrow !")

haters gotta hate I guess