Solidoodle Jigsaw Replacement Extruder mk4

by lawsy, published

Solidoodle Jigsaw Replacement Extruder mk4 by lawsy Feb 6, 2013


Still based on tek's mk1 design and developing the mk2 derivitives of Jeffery Sanders.

Featuring a new quick release hot end system and adjustable x-axis end stop screw. This extruder is even simpler to assemble and requires even less nuts and bolts.

Video demonstration of hot end change: http://youtu.be/1w0qsRLDrN4

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what is the z offset?

when i slice with the newest Version, it screws over my settings and over-extrudes

really nice work i just adjusted height of the bearing a little more up to get more grip. :)

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Print all parts at 50% fill or greater for strength.

Tensioner arm may require extra perimeters to eliminate gaps.

Users not wishing to use the quick release system can use the older mk3 retainer as it is more stable.

Instructions can be found here:


Dimensions in mm.

what is the z offset?

really nice work i just adjusted height of the bearing a little more up to get more grip. :)

The body of the extruder would not slice for me. It said the model had a hole and when it sliced it was wrong. Anyone had similar issues and figured out the problem? I figure it's probably something I'm doing wrong since so many other people have been successful with this.

I just downloaded and tested this and Repetier-Host 0.90C with Slic3r 0.9.10b said it was manifold with as expected slicing results.

I remember one of the recent versions of RH/Slic3r would tell me everything wasn't manifold and stuff up constantly. Thankfully the next update fixed it. Are you using the newest versions?

I've got version 0.9.9 of Slic3r, I'm not sure where to find the RH version I'm using, but I set everything up and downloaded what I believe was the latest software in July of this year. Do you think my Slic3r version is the issue?

THat is not the newest version. The Repetier-Host version is in the top bar of the window. Download and install the newest version from http://repetier.comrepetier.com.

It should install over the top but keep all of your slicing profiles and settings intact.

when i slice with the newest Version, it screws over my settings and over-extrudes

higher z-stop for aluminum beds http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:110323http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... beautiful extruder btw.

Z stop for aluminum bed and MK4 Solidoodle

Lawsy, I noticed in the SKP there is an extruder fan shroud with PEEK cooling as well as material cooling. Why was it never posted on its own?

Thanks for pointing this out, I modified it for a 40mm fan and posted it. Hoping it works well, printing now.

I have just broke my second acrylic piece, and am currently unable to print. would someone be willing to print this for me. I have a paypal account, just let me know the cost and shipping. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I printed and installed this...

The top of the hot-end was tweaking the alignment of the lower piece, so I had to do some precision sanding to get it to fit nicely.

Using the acrylic tensioner arm, I was repeatedly getting filament bending out forward of the pinch-roller section, and thus losing 100% traction and killing my prints. The filament feed path just didn't line up properly...

the following adjustments got it working 100%: 1) I had to shift the hobbed pulley forward about half a millimeter. 2) I had to file the back end of the mount point @ the tensioner arm pivot point, and shim up the front with a tine washer, thus shifting the whole tensioner arm forward. 3) took apart the tensioner bearing, and moved one washer from the front to the back of the bearing - shimming the tensioner bearing forward.

With just a few tweaks, Lawsy's masterworks have made my SoliDoodle 1 step closer to being a nice manufacturing-grade machine. You rule!