Giant Lego Darth Vader

by mattk007, published

Giant Lego Darth Vader by mattk007 Feb 14, 2013


It had to be done! Following the awesome work by Skimbal on his lego dudes, and the Vader head by lampmaker... I Present...

A Giant Darth Vader.

I modified the body slighly to add some Vader details ... and the head to fit the standard circular plug.

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Thats really cool thank you
This is great and printed well, however i found his head a little small in comparison to the body and my stormtrooper print (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:170704) , would be cool if the heat could be a helmet like the stormtrooper and have a face underneath.

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Print the pieces , and press together.

Oh, and you'll want to make a cloak out of black material too .... or print it from on of the cool designs by others.

There are now 2 versions of the head - a single piece or Helmet style to fit over a standard head.

...and then print a lightsaber for him

The Handle has some extra material at the rod end to allow easier printing (Vertical) , so this needs to be trimmed off to achieve the right look.

This is great and printed well, however i found his head a little small in comparison to the body and my stormtrooper print (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:170704) , would be cool if the heat could be a helmet like the stormtrooper and have a face underneath.
by Skimbal
Thats really cool thank you
Almost done, came out looking great so far! One issue, the light sabre. I believe something is wrong with the scaling, I've tried two different slicing programs and it attempts to print about a 1mm diameter circle.
Dec 12, 2014 - Modified Dec 12, 2014
backinthelab - in reply to backinthelab
My mistake, neither Cura nor Simplify will slice this with the bottom portion intact. Had to go back to KISSlicer in order to get a flat-bottomed part.
Sep 11, 2014 - Modified Sep 11, 2014
legs file can not be opened. Could u check it, Plz.....
Easy build... maybe print the arm supports separately at 100% infill... my original ones at 10% snapped when assembling/sanding down.
Other than light sanding required the model fits perfectly...
Thanks a lot!
For those of you looking for a cape - thingiverse.com/thing:394064
Giant Lego Darth Vader Printed Cape!!
this was an awesome easy project to print thanks to great designing !!!
Hi, love this model. I am new to 3d printing having just gotten a Makerbot 2X for our school. With this file there is a "shift" that occurs about 15% up in the printing. The Head, arms and legs all just move to the left and finish the print. Its like something shifts the plate. I have not had this issue with others files.

Is this something I am doing wrong? Some setting? Thanks for any advice you can offer this newbie.
two potential issues: (1) stepper motors missed steps potentially due to overheating or jamming on a curled up part of your print or (2) slicer issue, view the G code after slicing to ensure the nozzle path doesn't do something funny. This can happen if the slicer tries to automatically fix a non manifold object... and doesn't do a very good job.
we need a stormtrooper to go with this!
I am a noob at 3D editing. How can I make this the exact size that I want in blender?
I'm afraid I don't use Blender, so can't help you there...
I been trying to learn how to make these lego men i been trying to design yoda and failing any luck? i know we can use everything from the vader except chest and head. I printed the arms legs frindge hands in the right yoda colors i just need to figure out how to model the chest also can we use a yoda off of thingiverse and add a hole?
I have looked at Yoda - The body can use a standard Lego torso, which I have.
Yes, the Head is available in various guises on thingiverse - so just need to size corectly and add a hole.... although none of the heads are the same as the Lego head...
The other part that needs modifying is the legs... Yoda is short! .. so a simple Hip/Leg combo is called for to stay true to the Lego design..
Iam so Excited!
Hey Any chance on Lego darth maul Yoda or Han Solo? i want to have a colection :) iam printing the Batman now at 235% its awesome.
All these are possible :-)

Would be difficult to achieve Darth Maul with a single colour though?

This is really where the community comes in - hopefully people can take these basic building blocks and add their inputs to create a collection!

Maybe Yoda will be next? Or Ironman?
umm.... Chewbacca must be next!
then u have to have Han solo lol
Hi Mattk007
Printed lovely on my replicator 2. With force (enough to almost draw blood!) I've snapped his legs to the hip, and the head to the body, but how am I meant to get those pins through the body? I've tried printing them at 95% size but a) they still don't fit through the body and b) when I forced one through it's too small to hold the arm?
I'm a bit new to all this but keen to learn - any help appreciated!
The problem seems to be the setting on your slicing software. Not sure what you're using, but there should be a setting to adjust the print margin.
One way to test, is create a defined size block and print it, then measure the actual size produced and compare - or else use a calibration piece,
In the interim, I suggest using a drill to drill out the arm holes to a size that the pins can fit through easily and glue into arms.
You can push the pins from the outside and twist until the go smoothisch. Then push them from the inside and put one layer of tejp on the part that sticks out. GIves a nice smooth movement :)
just finished mine and i love it, great print and my son will go crazy when he gets his hands on it. my turn to play first :)
Awesome model! Most of the parts are printing great without any special settings. I did have to slow my print speed down for the Pins on my Printrbot Jr. Any tips on printing the Lightsaber handle? With a slow print speed I can get about half printed before it tips over due to the angle.
What Angle are you refering to? The handle should be printed vertically ?
I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've tried downloading a few times, and resliced using a few different settings but it always wants to print rod-side down like this:

Jeez this is the pinnacle of well thought out printable-ness. Perfection! My 4 and 7 yrs old boys (and I) thank you much. Cheers!
Cool, will print it to night:) Support material needed?
No support material needed :-)
This is going on my desk at work next to a picture of my kid
Cool! How tall does he stand?
Thats 16cm of awesome. Thanks
That's what she said.