Robot Ear Replacement Part

by bustmold, published

Robot Ear Replacement Part by bustmold Feb 20, 2013


I have an old vintage Soviet robot toy. It's dated from the 80's and has "Made in USSR" stamp on it.
Mr. Roboto had it's "ear plugs" missing and I saw a great opportunity to use 3D printer to fix it. He is really happy now!
Design by Mold Busters bustmold.com/ottawa

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haha, yes!

He can hear again now! :-)

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Tested on Replicator 2.
Works perfectly at basic settings:
Quality: Medium
Infill: 10%
Number of Shells: 2
Layer height: 0.27

Please send your build comments.


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Beatrice1975 on Feb 20, 2013 said:

He can hear again now! :-)

bustmold on Feb 22, 2013 said:

haha, yes!