Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

GoPro Hero 3 Black Mount for Multiple Cameras Inc. NEW 6x Cam Spherical Mount

by dtLAB, published

GoPro Hero 3 Black Mount for Multiple Cameras Inc. NEW 6x Cam Spherical Mount by dtLAB Feb 21, 2013


We made this mount for 2,4,5 & 6 GoPro's to film a 360º Video Panorama.

UPDATE: I just uploaded a 6 GoPro spherical mount. You need to print the following

  • newSphericalMount6GoPro.scad
  • 6thGoPro.scad
  • spacer100mm.scad

Requires 2 x M3 Bolts and 1x HEX bolt 1/4-20 UNC so as to fit with tripod bolt sizes.

Sorry for the lack of documentation... i've put off putting this up for so long and figured it's ok as is :)

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Is this beautiful thing also compatible for gopro 4 black? Thanks for the upload!!

Please does anybody have a reference panorama that will work after shooting with this?

Aaawesome design!!!!

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We ended up using 5 GoPro's to record our video panoramas.

Included are the less refined 2,4 and 6 camera mounts.

File Name



Is this beautiful thing also compatible for gopro 4 black? Thanks for the upload!!

Please does anybody have a reference panorama that will work after shooting with this?

Jan 13, 2015 - Modified Jan 13, 2015

Aaawesome design!!!!

Hello All I try to print the 6x cam spherical mount. I have the problem that always the printing stopped in the same point. It

Any chance this could be tweaked a bit so that the side cameras are all 45 degrees instead of 90 degrees from the middle camera?

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I don't see a length for the 1/4" 20 UNC bolt. How long does it need to be?


Also, I assume you want a 1/4" UNC nut, to screw the mount into a tripod? Is that true?


I don't see a length for the 1/4" 20 UNC bolt. How long does it need to be?


Also, I assume you want a 1/4" UNC nut, to screw the mount into a tripod? Is that true?


Hey, how do you upload when finishing the panorama? Is there any free soultion?

Did anyone tried to film with the 5 GoPro mount (no top / bottom video), wondering how is the outcome and if I can use Autopano Video Plus to render from this rig?

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does the 6 go pro spherical mount work with go pro hero 3 + cameras as well as go pro hero 3 cameras? They are slightly different sizes right?

I'm using GoPro 3+ and it works, a slight modification to the horizon GoPro is needed though as it sometimes to tight and press the power button, I noticed that after the print so I'm just using a piece of cardboard for counter pressure and it works just fine

I don't have a 3+ but i doubt it. You could check to see if they are just thinner and still the same width and height then you could just pack them out. or if you have some basic coding skills edit the .scad file.

the two horizontal GoPros are being turned on/off by the pressure of the rig, does this happened to you guys as well? any ideas how to resolve this ?

Hi dtLAB, thanks a lot for sharing your Spherical mount! I would like to make some small changes, since parts of it are to thin, is it possible to get the files in the STP or IGES format?

You should be able to do it quite easily in OpenSCAD. That's what i designed it in and the files are available.

Same here, autopano video pro is not able to stitch anything, it just makes a big mess out of it. I have used 5 hero3+ and 1 hero3, I don't think is a camera problem. I am shooting 720 50p fov Wide. I am trying to figure out if there is a specific order the cameras have to be mounted on the rig plus autopano video keeps crashing and is not giving me the way to edit the stitch in anyway their tutorial is showing :( I hate to say it but this thing is giving me real headache.

We just tested this with 3 different GoPro Models (1x Hero 3 Black, 2x Hero 3 Silver +, 3x Hero 3 Silver). Sadly the stitching programm (autopano video) isn't able to create a good video out of it... Seems like u need 6x the same GoPro model =(

Just for the record - We recorded in 1080p, could that have been our mistake? :x

The top & bottom cams shall need some way to fix it in position, shall not want them falling off when shooting @.@ Can you advise if the optical centers of the lenses were aligned in this rig? I purchased a Freexxx360 rig, but it was not aligned and causing some troubles when I use with some modified lenses.

awesome work ! Now that I have all the parts, How do I operate all the cameras at the same time ?

Is there also freeware available (like Hugin for photos) to stitch videos to 360x180 spherical video?

dtLAB - in reply to mr_cg

not that I'm aware of :(

kclai - in reply to dtLAB

use ffmpeg to convert the video into frames, then stitch in a batch

Ok so if we print these three parts we are all set to go for 6 go pro camera shooting? or am i missing something? Thanx, One more thing where can we download the editing program for 6 camera shooting? newSphericalMount6GoPro.scad

Yes they are the three files. It works really well but it's still a work in progress... i'd change a few things if I had time. I use Autopano Pro to edit the files.

Does anyone have a picture of the 6x mount with all of the cams installed? I have all the parts printed, just want to see how it's all assembled

quick question, how does the cameras stay in place?, are they fixes with a screw or something like that? im thinking on putting the 6 cameras rig to an hexacopter and i dont a hero's rain over my head :D

It's more for tripod shooting as if you tip it upside down they'd fall out. You coulld use zip ties or some double sided tape to keep them in place. It's a work in progress really... would love someone to take the .scad file and improve it!

will do, as soon as i have some free time, i will add some clamps.

Hi everyone, I am looking into printing the 6 gopro rig cause i want to experiment with panos and small planet videos. maybe you could help me out as i have never done any printing before. Do i need to print the 3 files (6thgopro.stl, newSphericalMount6GoPro.stl, spacer100mm.stl) or do i need anything else? Another question: I am looking different labs, which material would you suggest to you, I have no idea whats the difference between rasin, pla, hips, abs. Thank you all!

dtLAB - in reply to orash

Yes they are the three files you need to print. We printed ours in PLA but ABS would also be fine and also probably resin. Speak to the person you are getting to print about other materials - needs to be strong but not metal strong.

It's perfect. The small gopros fit perfectly. Thank you, now only remains to shoot 360 videos. Thanks dtLAB!

yeah, one for the mobius camera will be SUPERB please!

I'm working on one :) just a sketch for now http://imgur.com/vWpCzVdhttp://imgur.com/vWpCzVd but looks doable after quick fow measurements... just need to get mobius cams ( I have just one now ) ultimately I want to mount it on hexacopter :)

Hi wondering if you can help me out? I'm a layman when it comes to this stuff but I'd love to get all the files to make the 6x mount. Can you let me know what all the files are that I need to download so I have all the pieces? Thanks in advance.

dtLAB - in reply to Braj

Hey it really is a prototype so be weary and there are other ones on the market that you can buy already made. If you're really keen there are three pieces one is holds 5 GoPros, one 1 GoPro to screw on the bottom and a tube to extend it. You could get them made at Shapeways maybe or even your local hacker space.

Braj - in reply to dtLAB

Awesome thanks for the info!

hey - can anyone help me figure out what software to use to stitch the shots together?

We use Autopano Video.

thanks. I ended using Autopano as well.

Hi where can i download autopano? or another program to edit with 6 go pros? Thanks

we need a mobius version!! that would be smaller... and MUCH cheaper

I want to do this, but what software do you use to combine the videos into one panoramic clip?

We use Autopano Video Pro

How can I open .scad files? My provider could't open the files. He requires .stl Thank you

Hi! You can download OpenScad here http://www.openscad.org/downloads.htmlhttp://www.openscad.org/downlo... and export it.

Just printed the 5cam setup, work great for placing the cams horizontally AND vertically :) I got a 360 x 120 degree pano in just a one shot.

Merko - in reply to kclai

Thats cool.

You can also start recording, and you can make a 360 movie using a software..then you can rotate live while the movie is playing, so you can look around.. :)

So gonna print this when i get a new printer :)

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love your setup, however the vertical fov may be limited. how is the result when comparing with 5 vertical gopro?

Great Idea! Love it! Now I only have to get the gopros :D

This is awesome! I recently saw a 360 degree video of a volcano, and it was stunning. I would love to see a video of this in use.