Twist | 1 lampshade designed

by bonooobong, published

Twist | 1 lampshade designed by bonooobong Feb 22, 2013


http://parametric-art.com Parametric generated lampshade, designed by bonooobong (me). This one is the first version with bigger opening (driven by an attractor)

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3D modeled with Grasshopper, printed on my MakerBot Replicator2 desktop 3D printer with Medium resolution (0.27 mm), with the default Medium settings. (Without Raft or Supports.) There is a thin built-in layer at the bottom of the 3D model for the better cohesion to avoid bending over while printing. (experiences) I've printed it with translucent PLA on 230 Celsius. (Should work on any FDM printer with PLA/ABS filament)