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Prusa i3 Wade Adapter

by thinkyhead, published

Prusa i3 Wade Adapter by thinkyhead Mar 7, 2013


This set of parts combines with three M3 screws and 2 M4 x 60mm (minimum length 50mm) pan-head screws to provide a mount for a Wade adapter and hot-end. In this adaptation the hot-end is held in place by a front insert piece that presses against the hot-end.

This set now includes 3 different options for hot-end mounting. The "groove_mount" option is the standard straight groove, which defaults to 3mm long and 1.45mm deep. The "noscrew_mount" option provides a screwless groove-style mount for a hot-end with a V-shaped groove that usually mounts with two screws through the extruder body. The "screw_mount" option just provides a straight hole for hot ends that are secured to the extruder.

This set also includes the original "mini" x-carriage for reference, and a newer design x-carriage modified to have the same mounting as the inverted mini x-carriage. A two-piece hinged arm is also included which you can use to attach a 40mm fan or other accessory to the front of the carriage.

The SCAD files are included so you can modify these parts to fit your own hardware and preferences. See _configuration.scad_ for tunable parameters.

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To use these parts you'll first need a "single plate" Prusa i3 with the T-shaped x-carriage (the one from the "mini" parts set with 3xM3 mounting holes).

This set of parts was made specifically for a Franken-Prusa i3 assembled from available components. If you have the "box frame" Prusa i3 with the wide x-carriage then you already have a pretty decent Wade & Groovemount adapter. For the quintessential single plate i3 you may prefer a lighter geared motor direct-drive extruder (PG35L-048 or ) in the long run, or even a Bowden cable if you're so-inclined.

That said, a big Wade works fine on the vertical X-axis with everything tightened down well. Depending on the length of your long M4 screws this rig may have up to 15mm of extra bolt length in front which can make good mounts for a fan, smartphone camera, sidecar extruder, whatever.
## Assembly
- Take 2 M4 x 50mm or 60mm pan-head screws and pass them through the BACK part so the heads fit into the depressions.

- Slide the PLATFORM part onto the two M4 screws with the hot-end opening facing front. The narrow part of the hot-end groove should be at the top.

- Slide your hot-end into the groove so the top sticks up a little bit (noscrew_mount) or a lot (screw_mount / groove_mount).

- Slide the FRONT part onto the M4 bolts and add the 2 M4 nuts to keep the FRONT part on and hold the hot-end in place. Don't tighten the nuts completely yet.

- Put the Wade-style extruder on the PLATFORM part, making sure the cold-end fits into the receptacle on the bottom of the extruder base. Tighten the extruder in place on the PLATFORM using the 2 M4 screws (usually M4x30mm socket-heads) and trapped M4 nuts you may already have for this purpose. As you tighten the Wade in place, also tighten the FRONT part to secure the hot-end in place by tightening the 2 M4 nuts.

- Before you attach the BACK part make sure your T-shaped x-carriage is mounted with the two-bearing end on the bottom. Attach the BACK part to the x-carriage with 3 M3 screws and 3 lock-nuts. The screws should project front-wise otherwise they'll rub against the belt.

## Mounting Arm
To use the fan mounting arm parts, first attach the M4-M3 arm to one of the M4 front bolts with an additional M4 nut and washer, then connect the M3-M3 arm to the M4-M3 arm with 1 M3 x 15mm screw, lock-nut, and 3 washers. Make sure the smooth side of the M3-M3 arm is facing up so the fan can move more freely. Mount one corner of a 40mm fan on the end of the arm with 1 M3 x 15mm screw for very nice PLA printing.


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Ohmarinus on Aug 3, 2013 said:

Hi Thinky :) the parts printed perfectly, however, the X-carriage that came from the Prusa i3 official Github, has a different spacing for the bolts that connect the extruder to the carriage.

Can it be that you are using a different carriage?

All the extruders I've found till now all have different spacing and I'm going nuts.

thinkyhead on Aug 3, 2013 said:

Did you use the x-carriage from the "mini" folder? I also installed that upside-down, with two bearings on the bottom rod.

clefranc on May 27, 2013 said:

Looking at your photo, did I install my X carriage upside down?

thinkyhead on May 31, 2013 said:

It's really a matter of preference. I installed mine in that manner because I had seen some installed that way and I preferred the single M3 hole to be at the top. This adapter will work either way, but the bump for the x endstop will be on the bottom-right, and the relative height of the nozzle will be slightly different. So for this adapter you'll get best results if the x-carriage is installed with the wide end at the bottom.