Golf ball

by ssd, published

Golf ball by ssd Feb 2, 2011

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Variations on a golf ball...

My first attempt didn't survive meeting the club, this one is sturdier. The hollow one survived one hit with a putter, but not the driver. The version with internal heavy support survived at least one hit with the driver. (But, being white, it was lost. Next one I make will be fluorescent red.)

The -sh version is hollow, but with external supports.

The -ss version has heavy internal support and thin external supports.

The -out version is the outside only, drawn in blender.

The scad version hollows the outside from blender and adds the support pieces.

I challenge someone to figure out how to do the blender part in openscad! (Wtih parametric depth or something...)

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Very Nice!

great idea!

The ABS handled the impact fine. It's the deformation without internal support that was a problem. With internal support, it seems to survive.

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Golf ball by ssd is licensed under the GNU - GPL license.

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Pick either golf-sh (~35 min) or golf-ss (~1 hr), or edit the scad file and make your own stl. The scad file can also make a smooth ball without the blender file.

Wall thicknesses can be edited, or you can comment out (*) the support.

I can't decide if I made the dimples deep enough. I might play with alternate versions.

Here's an attempt at blender 2.4 drawing instructions. (I don't know if future interface changes will affect this without testing it.) These are not the exact numbers I used to draw the included object unfortunately. This might look long, but once you get it, it takes about 3-10 minutes.

  • Add mesh -> Iconsphere

  • subdivision 3 or 4 (I used 3), radius to match the scad file (21)

  • edit mesh (tab)

  • special (w) -> bevel, adjust so at least 3/4 of the face is a polygon (about 1.6 maybe)

  • deselect all (a), then switch to face mode (triangle in bottom bar)

  • use select multiple (shift RMB) to select a few of the large faces (pentagons, hexagons, get at least one of each)

  • use select similar (shift G, then either perimeter or area) to select more of the faces

  • repeat last two steps until all polygonal (hexagons, pentagons) faces are selected (deselect any accidentally selected triangles or other edges); rotate around to make sure none are missed (alt LMB drag)

  • Extrude (e) region -> scale center (s c), adjust to push faces in (maybe 0.95?), click to set

  • select all faces (aa)

  • subdivide smooth (w 4)

  • continue smoothing (w smooth) once or twice

  • subdivide smooth once more

  • smooth repeatedly until it looks better or the verticies are not moving much (hitting tab to view results and go back helps)

  • Save! Also, export as stl so that OpenSCAD can import it to add supports and carve out the center.

I don't claim to be a blender expert. If you can do this better (or add details I missed), feedback is appreciated.

if possible print with nylon, might make it handle impact a little better

The ABS handled the impact fine. It's the deformation without internal support that was a problem. With internal support, it seems to survive.

Does this have the same amount of dimples as a normal golf ball?

ssd - in reply to ZNahum

There is no standard number of dimples or standard pattern of dimples on a golf ball. Every manufacturer does it a bit different.

This ball is not standard weight for a golf ball, however.

Now that would be interesting to see if it is possible to make a few more layers, like for a real golf ball. Leave a hole and fill the ball with rubber, or pause the bot and insert a smaller core. Something like this.