GoPro customizable mounts, and a library to expand

by MoonCactus, published

GoPro customizable mounts, and a library to expand by MoonCactus Mar 17, 2013


This is a flexible library for GoPro mounts. I made it also customizer-friendly so you can design your very own mount and print it directly.

Of course you'll get the basic 2- and 3-arm mounts (to build upon), but it also features useful extensions such as handlebar / seat post / threaded rod mounts and options. Check the pictures and the customizer!

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thanks for telling :)

Great job MoonCactus... thank you for also providing the OpenScad source file as well.

All good my man...I am getting pretty proficient with Sketchup. After I imported the 45 and 90 degree rods using the .STL free STL extension available for Sketchup (which allows importing and exporting of .STL formats into and out of Sketchup).
The rods I opened in Sketchup will need tweaking to get them back to manifold as some of the face surface area triangles are "missing" and the holes need cleaned up again. I will run it through my NetFabb program that I use to clean up my designs as well as others prior to printing IF my Slic3r claims they are not manifold.
I was intending on placing one of these rods on the front foot model I designed for my Ordbot so that I may record prints now and again with my GoPro mounted securely.
I will run it through NetFabb and see what happens. I will post my findings after :)

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Use the customizer to bulid your own set of mount if you find what you need... else you may ask, or look at the OpenScad module that was designed to be included in your own designs.


One of the attached images explains most of the settings. The current options are:
- the regular "double arm" connector
- the regular "triple arm" connector, with the optional locking nut
- an optional "extruded" extension arm in between the two ends
- a generic clamp for bars and handlebars
- a generic orentable mount for any threaded rod, with optional captive nut

The latter can be given an angle. If it is 80-90° then the rod can be made through the mount, and you can add a "third" leg to your mount (eg in the middle of the threaded rod to make it both sturdy and stable for long rods for example, see the pics). You could even build a motorized pan/slider out of this.

I will probably add extensions with time so following this object is the way to go if you need to know when. Feel free to ask for some more, so I can include them here. Planned are regular camera screw mount and flash mount.

The naked 2- and 3-arm mounts are useful to protect your existing bits while they are not used. Just mount them so you can leave a screwed bolt without either losing the nut nor breaking an arm as I did more than once.

I tried to fine-tune the gopro 2- and 3-arm mounts as some other designs were a bit fuzzy on this. Still, you can fine tune the values if you really want or need it in the last tab of the customizer.

Programmers will find more comments & usage in the source code



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MichaelErwin on Dec 6, 2013 said:

Great job MoonCactus... thank you for also providing the OpenScad source file as well.

MoonCactus on Dec 6, 2013 said:

thanks for telling :)

gopedunderground on Oct 7, 2013 said:

Just downloaded and opened the GPM 45 and 90 degree rods in Sketchup (import .stl) and they are far from solid :(

MoonCactus on Oct 8, 2013 said:

Sorry I really don't know Sketchup. Do you mean that the parts are hollow or that they are broken in places? Actually I did not even know it could import STL, may be you have some options. You can also try tu run it through cloud.netfabb.com service in case the STL are not well defined (though I never got issues with the slicers).

noolah32 on Aug 5, 2013 said:

Print with support or not?

MoonCactus on Aug 5, 2013 said:

None, unless you rotate one end 90°

I did not try to print the thing vertically, but it could be an option when you need 90° rotated end (better add a brim or raft in this case so it keeps sticking on the bed!)

dra6n on Aug 1, 2013 said:

This gives me a really good idea. I wish I had the dimensions so I could make this in sketchup.. You know the head mount? well if you have the battery bacpac on and you attach it to the head mount it doesn't sit flush, you have to extend it out with 2 extensions (to keep the camera facing the same direction) and then it looks even more ridiculous as well as adds a lot of forward weight..

to have a tiny extension that keeps the camera in the same direction and allows it to sit straight out would be awesome!

MoonCactus on Aug 1, 2013 said:

Wouldn't it work with the customizer above, and "triple" on one side, "double" on the other and the appropriate length?

BRdog on Jul 31, 2013 said:

This is awesome. Just got my gopro last week. I figured I'd find some good connector mounts but this covers all the rest that I could think of. Thanks for the effort of putting this together. Printing now.

MoonCactus on Jul 31, 2013 said:

You're welcome, thanks for the positive mood :)
I have an upgrade with optional angle for the extension bars, but I did not publish it yet because it does not fit 100% with the existing dimensions (it's getting tricky on the code side) -- will do when I get time!

Dynamic on Jul 5, 2013 said:


MoonCactus on Jul 5, 2013 said:

Well, you seem to complain a lot in your comments...
There are so far 42 explicit derivatives and 90 likes on this object so could you be constructive and explain what's wrong according to you? - cheers

jMAC on Apr 4, 2013 said:

I don't own a 3d printer.
But I do own a Gopro. I would like to try this out. Real bad :)
can anyone make me one ?

Dynamic on Jul 5, 2013 said:

email me [email protected]

MoonCactus on Apr 5, 2013 said:

You may have a fablab near you, it is worth checking.
According to your country, you could also try an online 3D printing service such as shapeways or ponoko. To me, their S&H are as expensive as the item itself, but they made me instantly realize how badly I wanted my own 3D printer at home :-D