Rich's Bowden Geared Extruder for 3mm filament

by Woodsmoke, published

Rich's Bowden Geared Extruder for 3mm filament by Woodsmoke Mar 26, 2013

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This is a geared extruder for Rostock, or any other RepRap printer. It is flatteringly identical to RichRap's recent remix. My changes amount to converting the extruder to accept 3mm filament, 1/4" to 6mm Pneumatic fittings and 4 ID - 6 OD mm PTFE tubing.


Assembly: Apply a little acetone or preheat the ABS locally before inserting the pneumatic fittings. This will ensure the snug fit and prevent the fitting from cheesing your ABS part.

Use: Consider using a light lubricating oil spray in the bowden tube if you are having trouble with filament friction.

UPDATE 27/03/13: The larger pneumatic fitting creates a smaller collar on the Hotend Mount. I have added another file (v2) that will be stronger as a printed part. 2 more holes need to be drilled out.

UPDATE: 29/03/13: More generous sockets have been added to all three printable parts. The original sockets were very tight indeed. The larger sockets still grip well while also making assembly a lot easier.

Remixed Sketchup files included. Remix on!

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Curious, ??? The 2 holes just on the edge of where the push to connect fitting goes theirs 2 of them +/- 9mm diameter with what looks to be a wire tie holes/pass thru. What were they for? Also I just printed one up with a 1/8 fitting. Since mine was 1/8 not 1/4. Nice part! -S

Hi Woodsmoke,

Wich bearing did you use to push the fillament to the hobbed bolt?

Help would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards,

Thanks for listing the 1/4" PT Male Thread 8mm size for the connectors, I have had a difficult time finding the right size for my set up. Thanks again!

This comment has been deleted.

How do you connect the pneufit & PFTE tube to the extruder body? It seems to me that they are unable to simply be pressed on, and additional hardware is required. If so, what do I need to connect the pneufit adapter to the extruder body? Thanks!

Could you possibly share your retraction settings for this setup? Thanks!

Thank you soooo much!
I can now order my parts to get an dual head printer!

Would this work with a J-head?

I got these push-fittings:

Now discover that I maybe overpaid a bit on them..

How does the 3mm filament do in your Bowden? I am planning to build my MendelMax 1.5 in the next weeks and give it a vertical X-carriage and a Bowden setup :)

Does anyone have a nice picture of both sides of this extruder assembled?

They will!

Thanks for the answer. Do you have a picture of the other side of the completed extruder?

I'm afraid the first one I printed is with another owner.

In that case, I will ask the public!


Nice remix, I've not yet tried 3mm Filament in a bowden extruder, but I may give it a go now, thanks.

Cheers Rich, you did talk about 3mm filament in a recent video so I wasn't too sure what you'd think!