Halo Pistol V2

by dan0nator, published

Halo Pistol V2 by dan0nator Apr 1, 2013


this is the updated version of the Halo Pistol. IT was fully redrawn in Auto Cad Inventor. This has the following:
1 - movable slide
2 - removable laser
3 - removable clip
4 - movable trigger
added the file for the back of the laser sight. Sorry.

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some people use rubberbands. just saw a slot in the frame and affix the other end to the slide.
How do you get the slide to return or do you have to do it manually? If you do have to do it manually then how do you keep the slide from falling off.

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Halo Pistol V2 by dan0nator is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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Larger Model to fit adult hand with moving parts.

How do you get the slide to return or do you have to do it manually? If you do have to do it manually then how do you keep the slide from falling off.
some people use rubberbands. just saw a slot in the frame and affix the other end to the slide.
rear_sight.stl not avaible
seems to be working for me. i opened the file and it looks correct.
Sweet model, I played a lot of Halo back in the day and I used to make halo guns out of wood in middle/high school. I'll have to print this! Just FYI, the "clip" is actually a magazine -- a box that holds/loads bullets/cartridges into the gun. A clip is an open ended structure used to temporarily hold cartridges for loading into the magazine. You use stripper clips to load AR-15 magazines faster, for example. The M1 Garand is loaded with clips into its internal and non-removable magazine. Sorry lol but it bothers me when people run around calling mags clips when a clip is something else entirely.
I havent printed the slide yet; should i use this other slide file you uploaded instead? thingiverse.com/thing:52101
Other than that are all the other files good to print?
no that is a smaller version for smaller hands. they are not interchangeable.
how is the spring supposed to work?
Also had some problems with printing the back of the frame. the rail isnt connected to the main part for some reason?
some people use a rubber band.
can you use MakerWare to print it on a maker bot?
you should be able to.
How many cubic cm of material would you estimate this takes?
What program was used to model this?
i used autocad inventor
autocad inventor
Is this 1:1? It seems pretty big but could almost be a better fit at 90% size. I'll try and see!
it was scaled to fit my gloved hand.
I wasn't planning to add anything new to this model. I just wanted to print the pistol for my kid. I hope I could find a solution to the problems with the frame and maybe group up those clip- pieces and try to print it as one piece. I've already printed all other pieces but clip and frame.
will you be doing any of the other attachments for the M6 pistol?
I made a remix for an odst front end.

ODST front for Halo magnum
i do have some other attachments in the works.
Would it be possible to post those Inventor models here. I have some issue with frame part. I can't make it work even with netfabb. Tried to fix it and cut it, but somehow my Slic3r won't recognize that part as whole. It prints only a small piece of it. Thank you for very nice model!
sorry you are having issues, but im not going to post my inventor models.
Any tips for printing ammo clip? Do i need to add support or something? Side A and Side B print higher areas first, then go back over open spaces. It makes the clip curved
Definitely had to re-orient some of the pieces, such as the slide and grip for the printer bed. I got great results on the Replicator 2 without supports for the grip only, once I oriented it with the bottom-down onto the build plate. I also noticed some of the pieces are too tight or do not fit well together. I adjusted the scale along one axis in most cases to compensate. Overall though, this is a terrific model! My little brother loves this gun. Thank you for posting it!
Can you 3 D print it
Would you guys be willing to upload your STLs of halved parts? Would be nice to be able to download, throw into Slic3r, and print. Looks super cool!
you can use netfab to slice any way you like.
How did u get the trigger and the mag spring to spring back? I didnt see any way to add a spring.
there are 2 posts in the clip. they will hold a rubber band and push the plunger back out. and that pushes the trigger.
ok. thanks
does the trigger move?
Can anyone cut the frame across its width using NetFabb (I don't have it) so that I can print the frame on a Solidoodle? Based on Repetier Host, no matter how I rotate the frame, it is too big for the 8"x8" bed. I tried standing it on its end, but that just makes it super unstable in print and its too tall. I thought about scaling down, but to fit the frame I would have to scale down to 60% which turns it into something too small. Also, if anyone knows of something that is free or lower cost than NetFabb to edit/cut the STL please let me know.Thanks for any help.
the free netfabb can slice the object
if you want to print this on a Gen 1 Replicator you will need to scale it down.
slice it with netfabb. the free version will slice STL's
Im new to all this but how do you prevent the structr of say the grip caving in as the magazine well is hollow, surely the plastic would fall into the gap and not make a layer?
well, you can rotate the part to reduce the issue of gap spanning. or you can print using support material that you later remove. most slicing programs include this feature.
Ah thank you, that was anouther question I had in mind, it great to know that some slicing programs automatical put that in. Is that also true with filling in a model, instead of it being solid it uses less materials if you know what I mean.
yes you set it as a ratio from no fill to complete fill
Cool thank you very much =]
How big of a print bed would i need for this?
mine is 140 x 140
what's the situation with support? some look like they need it...
I sliced mine so that no support was needed. just glued the parts back together.
What program do you use to cut the .stl in to printable parts?
i use netfabb to rotate and do simple slices. for complex items, i use autocad inventor 2013
did you print them in the orientation shown in each file, or rotate them? For instance, I was thinking the handle would print with no support standing straight up?
no, i did rotate them around to reduce the need for support.
is there a part for the back of the laser sight? There only seems to be half of the sight shown in the picture.
sorry its up here now.
Thank you, this is awesome, I just printed your other halo gun for my friends kid, he loves it.
glad to hear it. that is why i made these, my kids love running around with them.
where is the clip file?
clip files are up now
oops will upload in a sec