3D printable VR Headset for smartphones

by AZ360VR, published

3D printable VR Headset for smartphones by AZ360VR Mar 18, 2015

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Printable VR Headset for 5.5 inch smartphones like the OnePlus One. Let us know if your phone does not fit.
Check Play Store for VR Apps.
Best App for movies is called "GoShow".



Check out the SinfoniaSam's YouTube Special:

Added the file lenses_new.stl with slightly a different thread style and clearance. If you have trouble with printing the threaded lens-cup use this file instead.


All Files can be printed with 0.2 mm layer height. "lenses.stl" and set_screw.stl need 0.1 mm layer height and slow.

You will need:
2 UltraOptix Pocket LED Lighted 7x Magnifier
8 machine screws and nuts M3
2 extension spring 1/8 x 1/2 inch or 0.016 inch music wire to make your own
14x14mmx500mm foam strip
1000mmx38mm heavy stretch waistband elastic
super glue

if you prefer to sew the head strap use "strap_sew.stl"
try static_lenses.stl instead pf lenses.stl if you have normal vision.

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129317Views 23234Downloads Found in Mobile Phone
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4 days ago - Modified 4 days ago

Do you plan to make adjustments for smaller phones with smaller screen size around 4.7 or 5 in? Is the hard minimum is 5.5 in or can it be smaller?

Also, why are there iphone and iphone 6 tags when you seem to imply that it doesn't work with iphones? Can it work with an iphone 6 (without plus)? I searched the comments, but there was no definite answer...

Could you publish the OpenScad files, or whatever you used to design it?

I've adapted the front for the nexus 6p and so far so good, but i'm encountering an issue with configuration:
basically in apps like full dive vr and other 3d apps (roller coaster etc) the visual is almost perfect, but as soon as i open video apps like youtube 360 or other video apps there's lot of crosstalk and double image. The cardboard qr code setup seems to have no effect on both 3d apps and youtube videos. Any suggestions?

Hi , for phone with dispaly of 5" doesn't work?

Works nice with 5,5" smarthphone? Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Made one, love it!
But, has anyone got any good settings for TrinusVR?
I cant seem to find any good distortion settings.

Here the lenses adapters for use this headset with carboard lenses : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1539428

VR Headset lens adapter
May 5, 2016 - Modified May 14, 2016

Absolute nonsense, what you are doing.

Why is this nonsense?

Because in VR you try to have much much Field of View as possible. The bigger the lenses the more you see. The cardboard lens is only 25mm in diameter. That's 30% less. Not much of a VR experience left. Don't bother printing this VR headset. Just put a head strap on your cardboard.

Understood, thank you!

Apr 28, 2016 - Modified Apr 28, 2016

Just want to report that the 37mm 7X lenses from the suggested UltraOptix magnifiers are NOT good for larger phones - I have a Huawei Ascend Mate 2 phone w/ 6.1 inch screen, and 7X is way too close up. 5X lenses, maybe even less are much better. Also, the phone does fit in the case, but only after taking out the adjustment arms that normally hold the phone in place. The phone barely fits in the open front shell.

In retrospect, it would have been much easier and cheaper just to buy a $20-30 unit to fit from someplace like dx.com or banggood.

Did you read the specs in the summary before you started printing?

Am I the only one with the assembly troubles? Tried both versions of lens holders and they just don't screw together :c I really like it and want to finish it. I will try to shrink X/Y of internal holders

Works with google cardboard's lenses?

Would a 35mm diameter lens with 45mm focal distance work if I reduce the inner diameter of the pieces that hold the lens to 35mm?

Why? Will it not fit? In Brazil these are the lens with the closest dimensions I could find, I need to make them work

hello. i Just want know if someone try it with the galaxy s5.

Is anybody else having issues with the lens holder threads or is it just a problem with my printer? Any suggestions on solutions are appreciated. To clarify the threads aren't perfectly smooth so I can't really assemble the lens holder's well. Thanks for any help.

i had the same issue, print the main thread piece at 99% of size, go directly with the lens new parts as this fix won't work with the original lens threading.

thanks for the tip will try it :)

just remember to also make the lens cap at 99% :)

Hello, would be possible to get a bigger version for the nexus 6p? the phone with cover is 167 x 85 x 12 mm
i was thinking of increasing the model size but then the screws, mount holes etc would be larger which is not right.
Thank you

How does the camera affect the function of the VR? There is obviously a hole for the camera to see through, but you say that this will work for other phones that may not have the camera in the same spot. I have the OnePlus 2, so the camera is in a different spot but it will fit the headset. If the camera doesn't see out of the hole, is this an issue? Thanks.

Only need for augmented reality. I don't think there are any augmented reality apps out there yet.
Some apps however have a see through option. For example you could switch from your VR video player to your camera to see what's actually around you. Not bad if you use the headset in public. You can always drill an extra hole in the right position.

Are you planning to make a insert for the Iphone 6?

No. if you want to get into VR you should get rid of your IPhone and buy an Android phone.

Apr 4, 2016 - Modified Apr 4, 2016
tdogb - in reply to AZ360VR

If we are going to spend another $300 to buy a new phone why wouldn't we just buy an OSVR. I will edit the model to make it fit iphone 6 just give me a bit.

lol someone buying apple products trying to save money...

Some people like me got it as a gift, I can't afford another phone


I'm currently printing the VR headset but i'm having problems to purchase the 37mm x 45 lenses.
The Bausch&Lomb or UltraOptix that i find on amazon can't ship to Spain ....or some sellers for no less than 40€ of shipping cost !!
I'm afraid that if i purchase them via Ebay, where i only found the lenses alone, the quality may not be the one i want.
Anychance somebody found them in Spain or France maybe ?

Many Thanks

Those are most probably not aspheric, hence only sharp image at the center of view. This has been discussed many times. Don't bother printing the headset if you intend to take some cheap or smaller lenses.

Finaly Get the Ultraoptix from Ebay, wasn't disapointed they work great !! thank you

Ok I'll keep searching, thanks.

Great results, educational video that entertaining, informative and to the point. Great job!

Hello, will the Samsung galaxy s6 fit in this vr? Thank you

Hello Beautiful design. Do you have any mods for us FPV flyers?? I have a 7in monitor and I would love to fly with this 3d printed file..... I would have to get the specs on the monitor. Or maybe you know of a better alternative. Thanks

p.s. I know there are a lot of cheap fpv setups but I love having something I 3d printed!!!

Awesome! Thank you!

Any idea if this will fit the Moto X Pure Edition?

I made a remix of a part of this project with a hole for the usb charging cable.
Link: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1370844

Remix with hole for usb of 3D printable VR Headset for smartphones
by Relaf

Hello, very nice design ! Would there be a way to have an opening for galaxy's note 4 USB plug ? I'd like to use this with trinusVR which requires USB plugging on pc ^^
Thanks !

So the note 4 isnt too big for this?

I made this for my Note 4 and it does fit the locks of the viewer. That being said, the locks have broken several times and I am still trying to find the right filament that is strong enough for those locks to work with the Note 4. ABS lasted about a week. I even have a slightly longer spring (3/4" instead of 1/2" long).

I have Note 4 with S-View cover. Didn't want to end up detaching cover and putting back on every time. I end of taking out the slider (front3.stl prints) and placed form strip on side edge of the tray. Since I don't have 2 phones, it works perfectly with my Note 4 with big S-View cover. Now only issue is that newer VR apps would not work with Note 4, but Note 5 and after....

This is awesome and thank you for sharing the file!

Nope not at all ad it's made for a one plus one that is quite near concerning the size !

You need to drill a hole for now. Modification is planned.

Okay thanks !

Thank you for the great design. I have Galaxy S5, it's a little bit smaller than OnePlus One.. Do you think it will work perfectly without modifications? :) I didn't find what is the min and max phone/screen size in description or comments...
Galaxy s5: 142 x 72.5 x 8.1 mm
OnePlus one: 152.9 x 75.9 x 8.9 mm
Thanks again

soil - in reply to Relaf

37mm diameter is ok, I am waiting for the same lens. Just only for tests (Because I used Bausch&Lomb). If lens arrive I will tell you my results :)

Relaf - in reply to soil

Ok, thanks.

soil - in reply to Relaf

So Finally these lens arrived. I tested them but it is slighty worse than Bausch&Lomb.

Relaf - in reply to soil

But they work, right?

soil - in reply to Relaf

Yes. Size 37mm is excatly (without 0.01mm ;]) the same as Bausch&Lomb or UltraOptix.

pls can you make an adapter for 25mm lenses

I make an adapter for it , I will upload it tomorrow

this will seriously decrease performance for the headset, so it's not gonna happen...

hi guys my name is yusuf
I am from Turkey
What is the exact size of these lenses
While the measures which should give vendors

approximately 37mm in diameter

I have an Asus Zenfone 2, it will ft according your spec, but my phone screen isn't centered on the phone can t be a problem ?

When you assemble the front door you need to place the 2 clamp arms off center so your screen is centered.

I have an other question, what is the distance between the screen and the lense ? (mn and max)

45 to 55 mm depending on your diopter

Has anyone sourced the lenses, strap, and spring for this device? please send the links to me?

Feb 5, 2016 - Modified Feb 5, 2016

Where could I find the extension springs? What's about the measurements, is it possible to show an extension spring in mm ?

2 extension springs 1/8 x 1/2 inch or 0.016 inch music wire to make your own. I am sure you'll know how to convert to mm.
Most home improvement stores have cheap assortment packs.

I don't believe 1/8" x 1/2" is the correct size. What is the overall length of the spring supposed to be?

So 1/8 inch means the outer diameter of the spring of the used wire? And 1/2 inch means the length without the ankles?

what size diameter nozzle did you use to print this? .4mm?


in the project description does not tell the lens design, so I wonder:

I use my samsumg note 3?
I use the lenses of the glasses google?


The Ultra-Optix and the Bausch&Lomb are approximately 37mm in diameter.
Please read the comments, you will find all your answers.

This seems amazing and I want one, any plans to make a version of this large enough to accept larger phones, such as the nexus 6?

Please read the comments, you will find all your answers.

This is a huge waste of time. Don't even bother attempting to print this. None of the parts fit together at all and require large amounts of filing to get anywhere close

any plans to add the magnet to match the newer version of google goggles?

Please read the comments, you will find all your answers.

Has anyone used these just to view standard movies? if so does the divider cause any issues. If it does, might try making it with a removable divider.

What size lens is this set up for? what is the diameter in mm. please. Thanks

has anyone used this on a note 4?

This thing looks great. Printing as we speak.
One small request. Would you be knobs on the side in a seperate stl?
I want to print it in a different color as wel. And asume many others will as well.

In Cura, can "split object into parts"

Hello , is it compatible with iPhone 6 ( 4.7 inch) ? Thanks

Not with iphones

Please read the comments, you will find all your answers.

Did you tried it? I´m having the iphone 6s plus and would like to know before print.

No I wait too .. Nobody have the answer :(

Cant' figure out why, but it's impossible for me to get the lens holder "tube" to screw into the lateral adjustement part... Is there any specific thing to do ?

This comment has been deleted.

Has anyone had any success adapting this for the OnePlus Two? Currently, the charging cable and the audio jack are not compatible. I have attempted to rearrange them around in AutoCAD (but im pretty new to the software) and was wondering if anyone had any help/advice/suggestions.

I'm scaling this down so it can be printed on my printer. I'm scaling down 15% is there anything I shouldn't scale?

This comment has been deleted.

I have a falling apart google cardboard, can I just rip out the lenses and put them in this?

No you cannot !

Hey this is almost perfect, but should add the usb port to charge and otg joystick, and the the button (magnet, press, etc) to interact with some apps.
Out of that, this is the better vr headset 3D printable that i seen.

I have modified this slightly to accommodate my Galaxy S4 with a hole for a USB cable. I see that the license may preclude remixes - am I allowed to post a remix?

No derivatives -> No remix!

OK then!

Printed one of these and used vinyl foam weatherseal from my local hardware store for the foam bits.

Also drilled holes in different places for the camera and headphone jack of my galaxy note 4, and scaled up by 110%.

May release a remix eventually with the holes in the correct places.

How would you recommend modifying the file to fit my LG G4? With the flip case, it measures 13mm at its thickest point.

I'm a little uncertain how the set screws attach. The file "setscrew" has four pieces. Is the peg on the smaller piece supposed to fit the hole on the bottom of the threaded piece? When I printed, it wasn't even close to fitting. However, this peg doesn't fit into the dial piece either. Nor does the wider end of the peg fit through the hole of the visor. The instructions don't really show how these four pieces become two so I'm not sure how to proceed.

Is the foam basically weather stripping??


Planning on printing this at 110% to fit my Galaxy Note 4 (5.7" display) and wondering if there are any parts I shouldn't scale up, or that should be specially modified when scaling up?


very nice craftsmanship! would it fit a galaxy note 5

max phone size: 158.0mm x 88.0mm x 11.0mm

Galaxy Note 5:
153.2 x 76.1 x 7.6 mm

Doesn't fit my nexus 6p. I printed this when I had my older phone. I'm thinking about designing a new front piece to fit the nexus 6p.

Dec 4, 2015 - Modified Dec 4, 2015

Perfect! Great job..... work very well.... thanks a lot for this....

Nov 26, 2015 - Modified Nov 26, 2015

I plan on printing one of these soon for my LG G4. Hopefully the slightly curved screen doesn't mess with the optics too much.

Also, would these lenses work? They are the right diameter, and are also cheaper, but is the focal distance right? They are designed for a Google Cardboard variant. http://www.amazon.com/Biconvex-Pop-Tech-Bi-convex-Diameter-Cardboard/dp/B012HYF4A2

EDIT: Reading the reviews that were actually about the lenses, I saw this:
"These fit perfectly and work great in this 3D printed headset:

They look optically perfect and don't have any green tinting like the pair of 45mm lenses that I picked up 6 months ago for another VR project. "

So, I guess that answers my question then.

3D printable VR Headset for smartphones
by AZ360VR

Nice! I got some Google Cardboard 25x45mm lenses from ebay and then used an adapter from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:911691 . Works well with a Galaxy S4. But I need to make some modifications to make the front a little deeper so I don't have to take the cover off the phone. Also, I need to make room for a usb cable to come out from the phone - it works better via USB with Trinus VR (better framerate than wifi). Excellent playing Elite Dangerous!

Lensadapter for VR-Headset

Great information ! I didn't know Trinus VR.

Thanks for the tip, did not see that thing!

Can you provide an editable version of front4.stl?
I want to add the push button from Cardboard version 2.

Would this work with Google Cardboard's 25x45mm biconvex lenses? With the different lens mounts of course...

I found these lenses http://www.ebay.com/itm/400586403026 should be the right size and magnification. 7x 50 mm

Your lens is too big. The Ultra-Optix and the Bausch&Lomb are approximately 37mm in diameter. These are the only lenses that give excellent results on this headset.

Nov 14, 2015 - Modified Nov 14, 2015
CorylusAvellana - in reply to AZ360VR

Ok i continue my search for the right lenses which are still available.

This one is the right one i think ?


UltraOptix Pocket LED Lighted Magnifier - 7X Round 1.5

How much time did you spend printing this model?

I am having issues with getting the lens holders to screw into their mounts. I have tried both versions and still can't make it work. Any tricks to getting them screwed in?

Just use some sandpaper on all threads.

Made my own 38mm lens holder:
for the http://amzn.to/1MV6Ro3 lens.

38mm lens holder
by steveho
Oct 21, 2015 - Modified Oct 21, 2015

Hey AZ360VR,

 would lenses from google cardboard work just fine with your model?

I'm planning to scavenge the lenses from a cheap cardboard VR headset(google cardboard copy version)

but not sure whether those lenses will fit to this one,

 Also, about the extension spring, is "1/8 x 1/2" "outer-diameter X spring body length"??

Thanks a lot

Do you have solidworks files of this beautiful thing???

This is a brilliant design - really appreciate the hard work. I couldn't get any of the screw lenses to work so had to go with static in the end. Did anyone else get the screw lenses to work? Any tricks?

Hi well done looks awesome !!!
can I use this with my Samsung note 4?

max phone size: 158.0mm x 88.0mm x 11.0mm

As the new iPhone 6s plus is 158.2 mm, is there any way to increase the size to allow it to fit? or will the .2 not matter so much?

Does it work? Having also an iphone 6s plus and would like to use it.

What's the best phone out right now that is best for VR and fits this headset?

Minmum 5.5 inch screen, with 2k screen resolution / not less than 1920x1080. Fast processor. Stay away from IPhones.
Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Sony Xperia Z5, etc..., I use the OnePlus One. Still the ultimate flagship killer, low price tag.

Do any of those options have the capability of input device like HDMI so you can use a phone as a screen?

Sep 22, 2015 - Modified Sep 22, 2015

Why are there multiple lens files? It's a little confusing.....

Why is a banana not straight?

rude af </3 - kidding. It's still confusing regardless.

Read the instructions and there is a lot of info in the comments.

Thanks for the design stranger.

I started to print it! Fantastic! But I have a problem with lens holder (lenses new 1), because when I try to screw it in the other part (lenses new 2) it is blocked.

Do I have to use sand paper? or print the part smaller %?



Did you print it in abs or pla?
And what about infill %?
linear or honeycomb?


Keep infill below 15% on all parts except except lens parts and setscrew, you should print those solid.
PLA is easier to print, infill style doesn't matter, honeycomb in general gives more stability.

. ¿Tuvo algún adaptador para 25mm lente?

Sep 4, 2015 - Modified Sep 4, 2015
cris11368 - in reply to wolf777

This worked when I tested it. Truthfully this headset works best with the recommended 37mm lens.

Also if anyone else is interested, I tested these lenses and they work GREAT


This website is terrible with handling links.


Lensadapter for VR-Headset

Good Day.
Thanks for your design.
Why are you use 37mm lens?
25mm - standart for cardboard. People can upgrade their cardboard.
Did you have some adapter for 25mm lens?

It looks heavy! (with the phone) this kind of design including any cheap vr glasses that are sold to 10 dolars are hurting the nose a lot after 5 min. So either the design should be very light or Sony's upcoming Morpheus kind of design is needed, or better to clip goggles with the phone in it to a hat, so that it does not hurt the nose!

Maybe you have a big nose?

This comment has been deleted.

Anyone got an other source for the lenses, neither amazon.com or uk will ship the UltraOptix Pocket LED Lighted 7x Magnifier to Sweden where I live.

AZ360VR - in reply to oet


This lens is almost identical will fit and work just as good. Maybe you can find this one in the UK

They can be 5x ? in the instructions appear as 7x

You wont see much difference between 5x and 7x. So they are fine.

oet - in reply to AZ360VR

They were out of stock on the UK site but I was allowed to buy them on the US amazon.
Seems completely random what your allowed or not allowed to buy from those amazon sites.

Hi thanks for this awesome looking headset ;I plan to use it for fpv on an rc quad ,is this item the lense needed for your goggle ,obviously after dismantling the magnifierhttp://www.icswretail.co.uk/magnifico-7x-pocket-led-magnifier-

Yes that's it

Many thanks

can you make for 50mm diameter lenses?

send us the lenses we will check them

Do i need both strap_sew and strap_glue? I am assuming its one or the other. Can we get better detail about how it is worked into this?

You need either or. The Super Glue Method is explained in the instructions PDF. If you want to sew the strap I am sure you can figure this out. Its like any other adjustable strap.

Thank you, i am printing the strap pieces now. Everything else printed great. Had to do some minor sanding on the on the ocular width adjustment pieces. The Z axis adjust of the lenses came out very tight, having to do some extra sanding on those, but overall this is great. For anyone interested i used the Makerbot Replicator 5th Gen. Just like the instructions, most pieces were printed using a standard .2mm while the lens pieces used .1mm.

What do you estimate the FOV to be? I read you can measure with a laser pointer some how, or how does it compare to say a plastic Google cardboard? Cheers

Hard to say, i tried a few viewers from China but none of them comes even close to the printed one. If you use the static lenses without the thread you will have even a better FOV because they are shorter.

This comment has been deleted.

Hi, i am a completely noob in 3d printing, but i like that viewer so much that i will going to 3d print it in a shop. I already have the ultraoptix lenses because i made a viewer before, but it was made with carton. so which lenses file i have to choose for the ultraoptix 7x lenses? i am really lost about this, if someone can help me a bit.

thanks in advance and great design, better than almost all chinese viewers that i have seen.

Use lenses_new_1.stl, lenses_new_2.stl and lenses_new_3.stl .This should be your best bet if you have only one shot, because the thread in this version has more clearance. Then you can skip: lenses.stl + set-screw.stl and static_lenses.stl

Jun 29, 2015 - Modified Jun 29, 2015
Xcarecrow - in reply to AZ360VR

Thank you so much for your fast answer. i guess no way to get one ready made from you right? :) without the lenses of course.

40 dollars for the printed parts only + shipping. You can contact us via our website.

Can the google cardboard lenses be used with this?

Awesome design! Would you share a modifiable file so that it can be customized?

Will this fit a Samsung Note 2? The dimensions are: 151.1 mm (5.95 in) H; 80.5 mm (3.17 in) D; 9.7 mm (0.38 in)

max load: 158.0mm x 88.0mm x 11.0mm

Awesome design, by far the coolest I've seen.

Will you be making an iPhone 6+ compatible headset?

The IPhone is 5mm longer then the OnePlus so it should fit. If you really want to enjoy VR you should however skip the IPhone and get something more advanced.

how about smaller phone iphone 6 (without plus)
or Bigger like XiaoMi pad 2(tablet)

No matter what distance I set the lenses to, the image is quite blurry. Is there a way to fix this
? It seems that they need to be about 1/4" - 3/8" closer to get a clean picture

This is pretty cool!!!
Tank you man

ZIp ties for hardware. 1 tie =nut 1 tie = bolt

Apr 13, 2015 - Modified Apr 13, 2015

Does anyone know where the non-printable parts can be bought (preferably in the same place)?

May 14, 2015 - Modified May 14, 2015
makecoolthings - in reply to Tornhart

NOTE: BEFORE YOU READ THE REST OF THIS, know that I scaled the entire thing up 7.5% so that my lenses would fit. Works perfectly though. At any rate, the rest of the info will still prove relevant.

I'm using two of these lenses, which I bought several of for a different project: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EPQ9EVQ/
Edit: Wow... Except they were <$4 each when I bought them...

If scaling up the print isn't for you, look at that maker's other optics for something with the right specs... They've got tons... And they're glass no el cheapo plastic eBay Google Cardboard knockoff lenses, real glass optics. :D

For the springs, I used a pair of roughly the right dimensions from a box of assorted springs... http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000M61J9I/ But they may be a tad on the strong side. :S

I assembled it using M3 socket head cap screws (10mm and 16mm length, though the 16mm ones stick out 4.5mm so you can probably get away with making them all 12mm), washers, fender washers (9mm OD), and nuts, all purchased from Bolt Depot. Even pinned the each hinge with a 40mm SHCS, a washer on either end, and a nut.

And I bought this elastic for the straps: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00H8MZDPA/

If you absolutely must get everything from the same place, I'm sure you can hit up Amazon for the M3 hardware, too... It'll just cost more. Bolt Depot's prices are amazing.

Got the lenses at Frys, the foam and elastic at Michael's. The other stuff at hardware store or online somewhere.

The camera and headphone holes seem to be designed to go for just one phone model. Is this strictly a OnePlus One project or is there any possibility to get front pieces for different makes of phones in the future? HTC One M8 user here.

This comment has been deleted.

Are you able to add a hole for the Micro USB on the side of the casing?


Apr 9, 2015 - Modified Apr 9, 2015

I am printing this one part by part and so far everything is looking good. The model looks amazing!

Could the instructions be more clear about which files need to be printed and which are obsolete? If I print the 3 files named lenses-new-[number].stl, will they replace the older file named lenses.stl?

Also I cannot find on the components from the filr set-screw.stl on the instructions. Will the components from the file lenses-new-3.stl replace them?

You need either :
lenses.stl + set-screw.stl
lenses_new1.stl + lenses_new2.stl + lenses_new3.stl

in the instructions set set-screw.stl pieces are already assembled (2 pieces each), in the alternate version the screws (lenses_new3.stl) are complete and do not need assembly

Apr 9, 2015 - Modified Apr 13, 2015

Won't it damage your eyes having a screen so close to them?

Nope, just don't try to use them more than 3 or 4 hours in a row.

FYI hobby lobby has A 40% off non printable the lady let me ring up twice.

Maybe we can actually use a 3d printed spring?


If this is connected to main gear in middle. It can pull sides inwards.

Round leaf spring (clock spring)

is there a way to make the phone holder wider for the Note 4 as it is almost 3mm wider than the One? I like this design and want to build but don't want to waste time if it won't fit.
Great job on it!

OPO + 5mm will fit

Mar 23, 2015 - Modified Mar 23, 2015

Note I was able to find everything I needed from the "Hobby Lobby", including the exact brand/model of magnifier and presumably the exact same heavy elastic strap. Note you should call ahead to make sure they have 2 of those magnifiers, they may have 1 or less and you will have to visit multiple stores. Also you may need screws too but I had some lying around.

For the 'extension spring', I actually just bent two of the springy battery contact from the LED magnifier into shape with needle-nose pliers. Note I had to squash them flat to assemble in the this space. Works fine!

Thanks for the awesome design, I can tell a lot of thought was put into it!

Mar 20, 2015 - Modified Mar 20, 2015

Iv managed to fined this lens at a reasonable price would it do the trick, is the magnifying lens your suggesting us to bye a glass lens?
Diameter: 38mm
Inner diameter: 33mm
Height : 10mm
epitaxial thickness: 2.3mm
Focal length: 32mm
PS: fantastic design.

Acrylic lenses are lighter than glass, that is the only difference. Whether your lens will work or not, I don't know. As I said in an earlier post , I have tried many lenses with less than acceptable results. The two lenses that produce a perfect picture are the UltraOptix and the Bausch & Lomb magnifier. I can source the materials for this headset and sell it as a kit, but only if there is high enough demand.

Any thoughts of adding a magnetic slider/button for use with google-cardboard?

The Google magnet interferes with the accelerometer of the phone. Google knows that but thinks it still acceptable for simple apps like the ones for cardboard. For serious VR apps and gaming you wont need a magnet anyway but rather a proper Bluetooth controller.

Search on amazon for: "bluetooth gamepad and selfie shutter remote". I bought mine directly from China. These also work with apps that require a cardboard magnet.

I do recommend "Green Throttle Bluetooth Atlas Single Controller" which works perfectly with the OnePlus One and pairs easily. It's a full fledged low price Bluetooth Game Pad. Not sure how well it works with other phones.

So I bought the controller but I find that the company is now defunct (supposedly bought up by google). So the drivers and games from Green Throttle Arena are no longer available from Google Play. I would like to use this controller - where can I safely get the APK?

Forget the games, just pair it with your phone just like any other bluetooth device.
Then go to the play store and search for vr apps.

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00EPQ9EVQ/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 if your going to make another kit, you should look into these lenses. they're cheaper, nothing to rip apart, only a little bigger then what your using and they should have about the same focal length. for people to create your goggles, these lenses are easier to get. im using them for my own vr design and they work well. order a set to try out, only 6 bucks. btw, love the new design, especially the back gear assembly.

I have spent considerable time on researching and testing different lenses, including cheap ones from amazon. They all show a high distortion towards the outside of the lens. The magnifier lenses I am using are made especially for minimal distortion and fixed working distance. My next choice is the "Bausch & Lomb Packette High Power Magnifier". It has slightly less magnification, same size and working distance than the UltraOptix. You have to search for while to get the best deal but it is well worth it.

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sketchpunk - in reply to AZ360VR

The Bi-convex lens has some distortion on the edges, but I doesn't really bother me. The lenses are actually 40mm, so they are quiet far in my peripheral vision that its not much of an issue (for me anyway). Have you tried plano-convex lenses? I've read those tend to have less distortion then bi-convex? Amazon has some that are priced well.

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AZ360VR - in reply to sketchpunk

Plano-convex will also have distortion. For me it is important to have the best quality image and a wide FOV, that is what I made this headset for. You can get a cheap headset from China for under 15 dollars, if the cost for the lenses is a concern for you. Otherwise I recommend you invest the money on the lenses, you will see the difference. The only improvement will give a phone with a higher pixel resolution.

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Love the new design! How many of these parts are the same as the original oneplus one design?

And I have the magnifying glasses, how did you get the lenses out without damaging them?

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kylkiviiva - in reply to Magic-Goat

Thumbs and slight force were not enough in my case. I ended up carefully breaking the plastic casing around the lens with nipper pliers. After some work the lens just fell out. It is not glued, just sitting there.

All case parts are new (front case, lens holder, visor), you can use lenses.stl from the old version, you will need the small distance piece from set_srew.stl. The head-strap remains as before.

The lenses come out from the magnifier towards the battery compartment. Use your thumbs with slight force.

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