Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

1:100 Tanks

by m_bergman, published

1:100 Tanks by m_bergman Apr 13, 2015


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Since it has become obvious that most people are printing my 1:200 tanks for wargaming, I decided to redetail some of them to suit the scale. A secondary consideration was to ensure that the details would still be printable on my Form 1 SLA printer at 1:200.

These tanks are designed for EXPERTS only. If you don't already know the answer to your questions, please go instead to the 1:200 sets, which are much more forgiving to print.

1:200 tanks pack 1: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:232248

Printed at 0.2mm layers, 0mm support limit, 80degree support angle in ABS on UP plus 2.

These models will be added to, on a random schedule.

You will find complementary vehicles and guns on TigerAce1945's page:


Current vehicle list:

Tiger I mid
Tiger II (P)
Tiger II (H)
Panther D
Panther A
Panther G
Jagdpanzer IV
Jagdpanzer IV L70
Pzkpfw 35(t)
Pzkpfw 38(t) Ausf A
Pzkpfw 38(t) Ausf B & C
Pzkpfw 38(t) Ausf D
Pzkpfw 38(t) Ausf S
Pzkpfw 38(t) Ausf E
Pzkpfw 38(t) Ausf F
Pzkpfw 38(t) Ausf G
Aufklarer auf Fgst Pzkpfw 38(t)
Pzkpfw III L
Pzkpfw III M
Pzkpfw III N
Pzkpfw III flamm
StuH 42
Pzkpfw IV G

LWS (Landwasserschlepper)
Sdkfz 250/B1
Sdkfz 250/B8 stummel
Sdkfz 250/B9
Sdkfz 251/D1
Sdkfz 251/D1 stuka-zu-fuss
Sdkfz 251/D9 stummel
Sdkfz 11
Sdkfz 9 Famo
Sdkfz 9 Famo with spade
Opel Maultier
Horch 108 / 108A
Steyr 1500
Steyr 1500 Kommandeurwagen
Morserzugmittel 35(t)
Belehlpanzer 38H
Munitionschlepper 38H
Pzkpfw 38H 735(f)
Pzkpfw 38H 735(f) with wurfrahmen
Pzkpfw 35S 739(f)

20mm Flak 38
75mm LeIG-18

Leopard 2A4
Leopard 2A5
Leopard 2A6

Rolls Royce Armoured Car (1914 & 1920 pattern)
Dorchester 4x4 ACV (LP & HP)
AEC 6x6 ACV (LP & HP)

Tetrarch CS
M3 Stuart (UK)
M3 Stuart Hybrid
M3 Stuart Recce
M3A3 Stuart
M3A3 Stuart Recce
Sherman V
Sherman VC Firefly
Matilda II (BEF)
Matilda II
Matilda II CS
Valentine I
Valentine II
Valentine III
Valentine IX
Valentine XI
Universal Carrier
Bren Carrier No2 Mk1
M5 halftrack
M9A1 halftrack
LVT-4 (armed, armoured)
LVT-4 (armed, armoured) with Polsten cannon
Staghound I
Staghound II
Staghound III
Staghound AA
Airborne Jeep
Airborne Jeep - Recon

Charioteer VII
Centurion III
Centurion V
Centurion AVRE

M3 Stuart
M3A1 Stuart
M5 Stuart
M5A1 Stuart
M26 Pershing
M45 Pershing (105mm)
LVT-4 (armed, armoured)
Jeep with .50cal MG
Jeep with .30cal MG
M4 HST class A
M4 HST class B

WACO Hadrian CG-4

M46 Patton
M47 Patton
MRAP Cougar 4x4
MRAP Cougar 4x4 JERRV
MRAP Cougar 6x6
MRAP Cougar 6x6 HEV
MRAP Cougar 6x6 JERRV
M1126 Stryker ICV
M1127 Stryker RV
M1133 Stryker MEV
M1134 Stryker ATGM

T-26-4 76mm
T-28 uparmoured
T-34 85
BA-3 armoured car
BA-6 armoured car
BA-10 armoured car
BA-10M armoured car
Komintern tractor
Voroshilovets tractor
STZ-5 tractor
B-4 203mm Howitzer
M17 halftrack
ZIS-5-BZ tanker
ZIS-22 halftrack


Toldi I
Toldi IIa
Nimrod ( & L62)
Turan I
Turan II
Turan III
Zrinyi II
Csaba Armoured Car

Autocarro S-37 Protetto

Breda-35 20mm AA
Cannone da 47/32



Shinhoto Chi-Ha

Hotchkiss H35
Hotchkiss H38
Hotchkiss H39
Somua S35

New Zealand:
Bob Semple Tractor Tank
Beaverette Mk2
NZ Pattern Wheeled Carrier Mk2
Bren Carrier LP1
Bren Carrier LP2
Staghound I (NZ)
Staghound II (NZ)
Stuart Hybrid

Matilda II (Aus)
Matilda II CS (Aus)
Matilda II Frog
Centurion V (Aus)
Centurion V (Aus) Dozer

Saurer 4K4FA-G2 schutzenpanzer

South Africa:
Marmon Herrington Armoured Car Mk I
Marmon Herrington Armoured Car Mk II MFF
Marmon Herrington Armoured Car Mk II ME

Vehicles are either reworked versions of my 1:200 tanks, or newly drawn. All models drawn in Solidworks. Parasolid versions included in the zip files

All vehicles printed sitting on their tracks. All turrets printed with their guns horizontal.
Printed at 0.2mm layers, 0mm support limit, 80degree support angle in ABS on UP plus 2. Obviously a finer Z resolution would look better, but it's a matter of time-to-print which determined my choice.

Sdkfz 250-b1 printed with 45degree support angle to prevent the inside being filled in with support structure.

I advise that you in all cases clear out the support from between the tracks underneath the vehicle first. This will enable the outside support structure to be levered off without too much trouble.
In cases where the support doesn't want to come free, cut carefully down through the supports beside the model with a sharp xacto knife to break the support.

Printing on the Form 1, I sat the vehicles and turrets up on their tails, set contact points to 0.5mm. Just keep an eye on where Preform places the contact points, because sometimes the positions are less than optimal, and need to be edited...

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can you also do battleships and aircrafts too?

First, thank you SO much for these and your 1:200 vehicles, especially your modern stuff. I help create custom boardgames (maps, orders of battle, game pieces) at a military university. I have been able to use some of your models to create the required game pieces. I do have a couple of requests, if you would have any interest, in some 1:200 models to assist me in making better games for our instructors.

M113A2/ M577A2
M2A3 Bradley
M777 Towed Arty
M1 AVLB Bridge
M1 ABV Engineer Vehicle

PzH 2000 SP Artillery

Challenger II

T-14 Armata
T-15 Armata APC
T-80 series tanks
Bumerang IFV
Kurganets-25 IFV

I know, not asking for much, eh? :D

Hey Mr. Bergman,
Have you considered modelling any more Italian tanks? Specifically the L3/35 and it's variants?
If so that would be awesome!


Do you have any plans for an FAI or a BA-20?
(I have tried making it myself, and my skills are not up to it yet.)

Also, do you do these in Solidworks using a mouse or a pen and stylus?

Hey Bergman,
Just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU! for all the great work you're sharing with us.

can you also do more Russian tanks for example kv-1 kv-2 kv-4 kv-5 IS-1 IS-7
you already have IS-3
thank you for all the amazing models
by the way is there a way to have notification so when you add files (ne tanks) we get a notice so I can print all of them ;)
thank you again.

nice but how long till u finish this? It's like soo many.

Hopefully he keeps adding to the collection. I rather enjoy the surprises Mr. Bergman gives us

Have you considered making versions with the tracks off for ease of printing? I looked through the comments but I've not seen anyone else ask. :)

It has been asked many, many times. The answer remains the same.
Have I considered it? Yes.
Will I do it? No.

I'll give a couple of reasons just this once:

minor reasons:
1) It becomes a real issue with wall thicknesses for open vehicles.
2) Aside from the support problems, the resolution available when printing is much better in the Z axis than in XY.

major reason:
3) Too much work for no return.

This project is my defence against depression. It works well for me when I don't feel pressured or bored. But I found that breaking down the models into bits fell into the 'bored' catagory, so I just don't do it. I'd rather be doing new stuff.
(That's why the Stryker pack is languishing... I got bored.)
This also explains the level of detail that I have standardised upon. Of course I can model every bolt and track guide horn - but it gets to be too much like work. So it's make a nice, printable model and off to the next one. (So many vehicles still to draw... gotta draw them all!)

I'm glad that other people can benefit from this, but I am really doing it for myself.

One day I will get more photos taken... One day...

In the meantime, I have tried taking tracks off a few tanks to make them print simpler.
I import the model into Tinkercad or open it in Netfabb and slice and delete using blocks etc.
I save the tracks as separate bits, and then print them "bottom up".
The difference in quality is not that much, the difference in supports is great.
Wether it is worth the effort... I agree, for one or two prints of the same tank, probably not.

Plus I would rather the 3D Tank God Mr Bergman would concentrate on doing the wish list of tanks I want.. :) (Mind you, it changes week to week.)

well I for one thank you. You are an absolute star. I look forward to your posts but I do neither demand nor expect anything, just do what you feel comfortable doing and we will thank you for it. Much appreciated.

Any chance somone could make a 1/100 model of these two beauties:

M7 Priest
M18 Hellcat

If you're talking to me, then the Priest of one of the several vehicles I'm currently working on.
If you're not, then, whatever.

That's excellent news!
Thanks Berman!!!
Heck, I'd rather send you some $$ for it than buy the resin version from Warlord :-)

Check m_bergman's 1-200 packs
the priest is in 1:200 Tanks and Vehicles - Pack 2

and 1:200 Tanks and Vehicles - Pack 3 for the M18

if you are using Cura just scale the models by 100% and you have it.
Hope that helps

1:200 Tanks and Vehicles - Pack 2
1:200 Tanks and Vehicles - Pack 3

Thanks, I've tried thise, but from the 1/200 scale they lack too much detail.
I'll be waiting paitently for the 1/100 one ;-)

I think a very useful addition would be the Japanese Type 92 Tankette


It's the best armoured car choice for the Japanese in Bolt Action, yet there is only one model available from a guy that charges $30.- for it and it's of extremely flimsy quality - mine broke after a few games, and I'm not even clumsy :-/
I'd love to print a new one myself!

More Japanese vehicles are on my to-do list, but I'm pretty overloaded at the moment.

This so much!

Also, one or more of the Japanese APCs would be awesome, e.g. Type 1 Ho-Ki.


any chance of getting a japanese Type 95 Kurogane Scoutcar?

could you do any french tanks?

There are a few already like somua, hotchkiss variants, there are also renault ft17, st charmond an schneider I think in the WW1 1:200 pack. Or were thinking on other models? :P

I meant like Char B1 bis, Char 2C, etc.
I couldn't find them.

aaahhh! The only one I can think off, in 1:100 there is this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1990924 which is a remix from the Car B1 bis in 1:200 from bergman.

Char B1 bis (1/100)

I love your work man, could you make a Vanatorul de Care R-35?

mr bergmann your a true legend mate.
any chance of some modern british vehicles like tracked rapier, fv432 varients, Spartan etc I'm doing a lot of team yankee and really need to bolster up my british .
also any idea if you will be doing the T-55AM2

Hi mate tried printing this twice and both failed and I have no idea how to fix the stl file if you could help that would be amazing

Try to fix the file in the program Netfabb. There is the free version, which allows you to fix many bugs

mr bergmann your a true legend mate.
any chance of some modern british vehicles like tracked rapier, fv432 varients, Spartan etc I'm doing a lot of team yankee and really need to bolster up my british .
also any idea if you will be doing the T-55AM2

mr bergmann your a true legend mate.
any chance of some modern british vehicles like tracked rapier, fv432 varients, Spartan etc I'm doing a lot of team yankee and really need to bolster up my british .
also any idea if you will be doing the T-55AM2

mr bergmann your a true legend mate.
any chance of some modern british vehicles like tracked rapier, fv432 varients, Spartan etc I'm doing a lot of team yankee and really need to bolster up my british .
also any idea if you will be doing the T-55AM2

Jan 21, 2017 - Modified Jan 21, 2017

It would me impossible to predict how many meters of filament have been consumed printing these by all of us. I see them everywhere.
You are prolific!

Jan 21, 2017 - Modified Jan 21, 2017
direwolf77 - in reply to Perry_S

EDIT: Apparently, I can't read....

Hi, I'm trying to send you an email but the address doesn't work.

Can you email me to jcamero at triditive . com?


Lovely Japanese Tanks. However it's missing the Ho-Ni III, the fully enclosed tank destroyer. Maybe some day you'll be able to make a STL file for that too :)

Hi Bergman, Thanks for all the amazing work on the tanks!
I sent you a small donation as a token of appreciation. I hope others will follow since so many of us enjoy the fruit of your labor!

Please keep up the good work!

Hey mate, any chance for some LRDG Chevy trucks and maybe (yet another) LRDG variation of the jeep with all the petrol/water cans all over it etc...

With FoW V4 coming and initially having a desert focus its a force I have always wanted to do and about the only North Africa one that interests me.

Hiya Jaksternz, I find printing the turrets with the barrel horizontal gives a much better finish and they are stronger.

Hey GunnarUK, that worked a treat! thanks for the tip! Any ideas on getting the raft off? It's stuck to the model quite well.

Play around with the separation distance on the raft. I have mine set to 0.25mm, but yours might need to be different.

Comments deleted.
Comments deleted.

Awesome pack! Any tips on printing the tank barrels? I have had issues with them looking really bumpy toward the end of the gun and the muzzle brake details do not come out.

Depending on the vehicle and the amount of effort you want to put in you could remove the barrel from the .stl, and instead add a hole to glue a brass rod or similar into... Visible layers are generally fine, but i find them to be a bit too obvious on the guns...

Hey, It looks like the Summary section got cot off. It doesn't show the list of vehicles anymore.
Any chance you could bring those lists back?

I've contacted support concerning their unilateral pruning of the Summary sections. Waiting now to see what happens. Otherwise I'll have to recreate the lists for all my sets the hard way... :(

If it all fails, I'll be happy to help with the list. :-)

Comments deleted.

Wow, thanks, thanks, and thanks again!! These are INSANE!!

As a complete novice to 3d printing (3 months under my belt, 12-18 hours a day) I must say these are by far some of the easiest models I've printed, admittedly I've only done a couple of Jeeps so far, but they've turned out great on my i3 clones!

I dropped my layer height to 0.15mm, upscaled them by a further 60% (1.6 in Cura) and am printing at about 58mm/s with a direct drive extruder, so am looking forward to after the holidays when I can try them on my new Bowden setups.

If someone could help a tiny bit - what would be the best re-scale to have them fit into 28mm bolt action games, I'm not great at scaling and don't want to waste too much filament by doing tests and eyeing them against Warlord Games models...

Thanks again, you're an absolute legend!!

  • S
Dec 31, 2016 - Modified Dec 31, 2016

I re-scale for bolt action all the time, this is what I do you might have an easier way.
find the actual length from Wikipedia in meters ie 5,89M
multiply by 1000
then divide by the scale you want ie 56 for 1/56 or 48 for 1/48 I use 1/48 btw...
that gives you a measurement in millimeters ie 122.70833333333mm or 123mm rounding up a little for cura

in cura scale your hull to a length of 123mm then make a note of the xyz scale. for me it was 1.953 to get 1/48
then with the turret, change the scale xyz to 1.953. That will give you a turret to match your hull.

I have support on everywhere and use a raft for platform adhesion, layer height of .1 shell thickness 1.2 fill density 20% top and bottom thickness 2mm with a .4mm nozzle, I have the hull print at about a 45 degree angle so i get a nice clean gap between tracks and hull and the rest of the support is easy to get off, the turret is printed with the barrel horizontal for strength and nice straight lines. then just rub a bit of sandpaper to smooth things off a little, you cant tell the difference to a model when painted and a few extra boxes and cammo added.

Mr Bergman, you are awesome and I cannot thank you enough for your designs they are great, keep up the good work and have a awesome New Year. thank you...

Comments deleted.

When I am getting models ready to print in Cura, I have expanded them 174.2%, but then check the width and length against Wikipedia to make sure it matches.

Some models need a slightly different scale to fit, and Cura makes it pretty easy to scale them to what ever size you need.

Bolt Action is supposedly 1:56 scale. This is the scale Warlord uses.
100/56 = 1.7857 = 178.57%

Some people think that the figures are oversized, and that 1:50 (or 1/48) is a better fit.
100/50 = 2 = 200%

Comments deleted.

Mr Bergman, you are a godsend! Thank you so much!
I've already printed about 30 of your tanks in 1/56 scale for my wargames group and they looks great! Especially the Pz III, Chi-Ha, and SU-76 look amazing!

We hope you'll be releasing a KV-2 at some point ;-)
But either way, thank you for all this great work and for sharing it with the world!

Question about the updated Airborne Jeep.

Didn't they cut out half the grill from the front to save weight?
(I just converted a Warlords version for a mate a few months ago, and that was one of the tips I read to make it look "Airborne")


I initially thought the same.
But it seemed to me, after looking at numerous photos, that this wasn't part of the official mods. All of the standard modifications have to do with reducing width and height, to help the jeep fit through the side door of the Horsa Mk1, a tight right-angle turn at the top of a steep ramp. The amount of weight saved by cutting a few bars of stamped sheet steel would be much less than that saved by removing the windshield, yet only the recon jeeps had that removed as is obvious from photos.

Nice set bud, will you be doing an IS2?


Yes, at some point.

Nov 21, 2016 - Modified Nov 21, 2016

Thanks for the work.
I found the archer tank and the archer "no crew" tank are the same file. Can you fix it? Please :D


OK, I've pretty much finished my earthquake clean-ups now so hopefully I can back to working on this stuff.


(It was raining books and CDs and little yellow tanks...)

So glad that is all it was for you.

 Glad your nearly cleaned up. I hope your house escaped any damage to the foundation. 

We weathered an F4 Tornado that roared past my families home by about 100 meters 35 years ago, where I live in Canada.
It literally twisted the house and left it 3 cm out of square.
It was surprising how many little things didn't quite work properly after ward.
Like windows that were stuck that had previously moved with little effort.
Doors that swing open on their own
(this used freak out my daughter because her uncle told here it was a ghost doing it)
and all the other little things that still remind me of that time all these years latter.

Cheers Marco hopefully you can enjoy a relaxing pint soon

Mr Tank genius sir... can you please update the 25pounder... pretty please???

(I made the mistake of printing the Russian B4 for a mate, and he is killing my British guys with it.)

Oh this is just Amazing man, really great job, cant wait to print some

1st: You are amazing. Thank you for your work.
2nd: A request, if you can... American T29 and Russian BT-2
Or perhaps someone knows if there are others already here that are close in design.
Thank you!

This collection is W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L! Dear m_bergman, is there a possibility to add some modern machines of war, like British Chieftain, Challengers, Soviet/Russian T-64, T-80 and T-90, French AMX Leclerc, Italian Ariete or American Patton and Abrams? (I know that there is one Abrams in 1:200 pack but after scaling it up 2 times it is not detailed enough)

Anyways - keep up the great work!


Yes... If you wait long enough.
I'm hoping to tackle Stryker ( & MGS ! ) & Abrams over my Christmas holidays.

Great work is always worth the wait!

This will be splendid if you could manage that. Thank you for swift reply!

I've printed a few of the 1/100 vehicles upscaled to 1/56 for 28mm gaming. They are quite usable at that scale, though I'll avoid the crewed versions.

StuG! Thanks for the tank (destroyers)!

Awesome, t(h)anks!


This should help with the bases!
Ironically i was looking into getting some flak geschutz for my germans!any idea when you'll release the files?

Those are the pics I used to scale the hole size from - look like I got it right :)
Horch / Flak 38 set well underway- maybe weekend?
Biggest holdup is always generating screendumps, parasolids, photos & collating everything. Boring.
That's why I still haven't released a large Stug IIIg set...

Send me the files and I can render them, I need me a STUG!!!

Hey, i was wondering if a KV4 might be in the works somtime? Love your builds!

KV-1 & KV-2 will arrive in their own good time.
KV-4, a tank that never existed outside of World of Tanks? Very unlikely.

Hey Bergman - just wanted to say thanks a lot!
Since i dont have a lot of players around here is started some "guest" army for bolt action and your tanks are really nice for that because otherwise it would have gotten really expencive! thanks again for the great work and effort!

Thank you Bergman again! Great work.

Every day I have the hard decision of which tank to go out with...
Great job though!

I can give you lots of details of South African stuff if you like

Marmon-Herrington mk I- mk III next on the list, actually.

Thank you for a wonderful collection and resource for wargamer's and modellers. I have 2 thoughts, well actually requests, a Stuart M3a1 with skirts as used by the kiwis through North Africa, and would it be possible to create a directory of an image of each vehicle or variant with file name on the photo please, This would make finding the correct vehicle much easier. You are doing a wonderful job and a great service to us all. Printing with a Makerbot replicator 2X at .15mm

These new zis-5 and zis-6 trucks are amazing!printing one as we speak! Do you have any plans on doing a SU-76 rescaled soon,as else I'll print the 200 version arescaled to 28mm as a stopgap one

By sheer coincidence, I am halfway through resizing SU-76M.
After that I'm going to need to take a break from Russian stuff for a while.

So great! I guess I'll postpone printing one than! any idea what will be next after the Russians? some british? some new models you haven't made in 1:200? Have you considered some of the more obscure stuff like armoured trains?bronekaters?etc?

that is a perfect answer! XD

Hey, thanks for the many beautifull models.
I like to print them at 1:72 scale, that really makes the details show the best, they print the smoothest plus fits in with any 1:72 scale kits you might have made.
I print the american and russian tanks with the olive green from colorfabb, sand colored german and english tanks wih colorfabb greenish beige and some other colors.
Keep em coming!

I made a few at 1:72 too, i split them in half and print each end facing upwards. But now that i'm getting into tabletop gaming i'm in the horrible first-world-problem dilemma of deciding wether to make them 1:72 like the rest of my collection, or 1:56, so i can use them for gaming... :P

Great models! I'm having way too much fun printing these. I can't wait for updates. Thanks!

Any plan on doing a Sd. Kfz. 221 in the future? Also have to say great designs and fun to print them man. Great job

Cool, thanks for the reply.

Comments deleted.

This CAD is very cool!!!
I like this CAD.

These are really cool. Tank you.......

Thanks for these fantastic models. You have done amazing work.
Any chance of a Centurion ARV (Armoured Recovery Vehicle) in the future?

I have one, but it currently is not really printable and needs quite a bit of tweaking, when I can be motivated to get around to it.

My father is a former member of RCEME. (Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineers)
He worked on Centurions and Shermans in the 50's all the time driving a Centurion ARV.
He is currently building a model railroad with trainloads of tanks reflecting on his military career.
Your designs have provided tons of inspiration and the layout will have many on it.
A centurion ARV would certainly be the highlight for him.
Even if it's not perfect (which the rest of your designs seem to be) is there any way you could provide me with a preview?

I will most certainly be posting pics of the builds as soon as they are ready.


(copy and paste into new window to view)

Wow. Looks fantastic.

Lots of support to remove but it will be worth it:)

Thank you m_bergman for the Matilda II "The Queen of the Desert". Everything is falling into place for a North Africa campaign!

Rommel Watch out!

Thinking about getting into 3D printing and am currently choosing a printer. I would love to have a printer that is capable of printing these and making them look really nice. Anyone have any thoughts on the Zortrax m200 and whether or not it could sufficiently handle printing these models to play Flames of War?

Try the Delta Go 3D Printer from deltaprintr.com :)

hello, i admire your work and the patience you put in making all this ! i would like also take the chance to ask if you have or can make the russian T18_MS1 tank model pleaaaaaase ;). have a good day

May 10, 2016 - Modified May 11, 2016

Very nice work, I wish I could do modeling as you.
I look forward to you refasses 1 / 100em for printing the following vehicles:
-M7 Priest
-M8 greyhound
-Opel Maultier
-Dodge WC

And a creation, an example FLAK 88
I tried to print models 1/200 but the result is not satisfactory to 1/56.

Thank you

Would you consider making the KV-4? That would be awesome!

Lately I've been having a lot of problems with the vertex printer shifting layers during the printing. Note that i upscaled the designs 1,786 (to 1/56) and generate support by using meshmixer,printing the tanks horizontal. We're currently changing the airtime,hoping that will solve the issue but any advice or tips are much appreciated!

Thanks for making these. I went a little different and upped the scale to 28mm (1/56) by enlarging it x1.724. The M3A4E8 Sherman 76 came out great on my FDM machine.

Really nicely made!! I've design a very simple base (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1419921) that one can use to create a typical "Denkmal" or war time memory.

T-34 base (Denkmal)

You are my hero for making these. The details are exquisite. Even tho they were made for a SLA printer, they come out great on my FDM machine too.

These are just excellent. Thankyou

Mate i really love your models, kept printing your smallest ones about a year ago already and your work remains awesome. Thank you very much!!!

These are great.

A request though, if I may? Bedford trucks for the British, specifically the Bedford MWD.
Nobody does it in 1:100
Oh, and happy birthday I believe.

A Bob Semple tank? A tank so stupid even the Kiwis thought it was stupid? Admittedly the NZ pattern Universal Carrier is similar to the Aussie made UC I saw in the War Memorial in Canberra that was under Japanese Naval Landing Force cammo.

"Some madman", huh?
I suppose I could be offended, but I won't be because I consider the source (Australia...)

To be fair, my mate looked at it and said they would be perfect for Spanish Civil War, so I would print at least 3.

No Schofields? Does the prototype still exist?

Happy birthday! Hopefully you'll enjoy it as we all enjoy your designs! Have a great one!

in 1-100_T72A-M1-B-BV-BM.zip file 1-100 T72A turret-4 has a scale 1:200. before printing for a correction increase a model in two times

Feb 22, 2016 - Modified Feb 22, 2016

Спасибо! Ваши модели великолепны! пожалуйста не прекращайте их производить, с нетерпением ждем новых в 1:100 . здоровья и удачи!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you! Your models are magnificent! please do not stop to produce them, we look forward to new in 1: 100 . health and success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To allow myself to play more pz IV variants at 28mm scale I've tried combining the detailed lower pz IV hulls with the 1:200 topsides in meshmixer.(tried the nashorn amd brummbar) The results should be printed somewhere next week. Now i was wondering what cad program you were using,and how easy it would be to learn and redetail some of the 1:200 designs myself?
In addition,would you like me to upload my redesigns or not?

You can freely post modified versions. Just please remember to tag them as derivatives.
I use Solidworks, which is a high-end industrial program, so I doubt you'll be using that. Try 123D or Blender.

Or for those who either use Autocad processes or like a mid range 3d CAD, Fusion 360 is a good option. More advanced than 123D but migrating is easy as the methodology is similar

Since discovering these files mbergman created spurred me to buy a 3D printer and since getting my m3d printer it's run day and night since I bought it last November and I have now printed over 100 tanks and vehicles successfully thank you mr Bergman ..!!

Joe Leto
Waterloo Iowa

This is a true work of love. Thank you so much for making these files. The detail is wonderful and I have had few issues to get great looking models. I will post photos of my results later.

Hi guys

I am making them in scale 1:87 (scalefactor 1.19) so they fit to my model train scenery. Can give some nice pictures with houses and trees.

Have a nice day

any tips on how to print the stuka zu fuss with the shells? i'm sure that printing them with support will prove to be almost impossible to remove, however i don't see it working without support=/

very nice work, thank you for sharing us, which software do you use for modelling mosty?

I'm going to have to try 1/35 scale to add to my army...

Just to let you know I printed a Pz III and Pz IV at 200% (1/50) and they came out ok (the Pz IV hull was staggeringly good, the Pz -III had a shifted layer in the tread).

Very usable for CanCon 2016 Chain of Command though, saved about $A80 in the process :-)

All i need now is Stugs and US M-20 Cars.....

The Soviets player will be happy with T28 tank (Model from 1932)


I do not pay much attention to requests in the comments section.
However, sometimes coincidence strikes. Recently in requests for the BMPs I had already nearly completed, and now for the 1:200 T-28 that I finished last night before I read this. It'll be in Pack 4, pt2 (Feb-Mar at a guess.)

I love u :)

Where is the Opel Blitz? I see it listed but it doesn't seem to be in the files.

SabotUp check m_bergman other packs they are 1-200 but you can scale them up very easily I think the blitz is in this pack


1:200 Tanks and Vehicles - Pack 2

I just wanted to say thank you m_bergman. This is amazing work that you have done on all the tanks, but you keep updating, so again a massive thank you from all your fans :) thats right, you have internet fans now. You have made it to the big time :)

This is AWESOME!
I just got my 3D printer yesterday and this is the first thing I print!
Would be great if there are more modern AFVs like M3 Bradley!
Merry Christmas!!!!

Given the Release of Team Yankee any chance of M1 Abrams, T72, BMP1, M113 stls anytime ?

Any chance: yes
Due date: not known

Is the Opel Blitz there? I can only find the Opel Maultier.

For now, you need to use the 1:200 version from Pack 2.

These are awesome.

The file: 1-100 stuart-m5-1.STL
Appears to have the correct detail level but is not scaled to be 1:100 it looks like it is about half the size it should be. All the other files in that folder look to be the correct size.

If this occurs, the model will be exactly half size. I draw them at 1:200 size to ease conversion, and scale 200% is the last event. Obviously I forgot to turn that event back on before dumping that .stl

I noticed that the SD KFZ 251-D22 PAK is still the simple version. is this an error, or are more detailed designs coming soon?
I absolutely love the work you've done so far! couldn't express it enough!

Define error?
All these models were originally drawn in 1:200. The 1:100 versions are special variants, because the extra modelling time required is significant. There will be a 251 D22 in 1:100 at some point, but frankly I doubt it will be this year. My attention is on other vehicles at the moment.

oh, looks like the error is on my part! I saved your recent 1:100 sd kfz 251 models in the same file where i had stored the Sd KFZ 251 models at 1:200! after redownloading I indeed noticed the mistake on my part! sorry for the inconveniance! could you hint at some spoilers for us fans of your work?! ;)

hey guys
i am thinking about starting with 3d printing to print miniatures for wargames beginning with battlegroup

can you recommend me an affordable 3d printer which has a good enough quality for 15mm miniatures?


For what end exactly? An SLA printer is your best answer, like the form1+ or b9 creator, but the learning curve is steep, and the consumables expensive. So not really cheaper than just buying the stuff off the shelves

how does everyone paint these? i've tried painting mine directly and the printed texture keeps showing. Would quick washing it in acetone help to smooth the surfaces a bit?

Starting with the obvious, if you want as good a finish as possible, make sure you print at the best z resolution your printer can handle. Even 0.15mm vs 0.2mm shows very visible improvement.

To smooth the surface, I've used Citadel Liquid Green Stuff, followed by a light sanding. ( Or primer, with talcum powder filler added.)

Be careful with acetone vapour or dunking, because the part is unstable for hours (or days) afterwards. Freezing it helps get rid of the acetone residue, once it's touch dry. But the smoothed finish will blur all the details too, giving a melted look in my opinion. Great if you want a big smooth surface, not so good for a lumpy, bumpy tank. The biggest problem is that some sections can sometimes suddenly warp, days or weeks later, if they get warm - a nasty suprise.

oh! I misunderstood, my apologies, I haven't used the wash with acetone aproach, did use nail polish remover, tough i am not very much convinced. honestly I'm new to 3d printing and am still experimenting. there is a similar process (haven´t used it yet) that gives you more control than washing it (uneven soaking of the acetone, or leaving marks with the brush) and is safer than eating highly flamable acetone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biLVyGDvisM
Also would like to try to wash, or dip (or something) the model in resin, in my case I'll use some polyester resin leftover I have around.

I usually give them a coat with a primer, basically spray paint them with the matte color suitable for the occasion, it has many uses, first among them is to make the paint (acrylic in my case) stick to the model. just a as example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDbwrBZ61YU

I'm aware to always prime my miniatures before painting them. My question was more about smooting the 3D printed surfaces before priming/painting. Do you spend hours sanding the surfaces? I've hear about dunking the ABS model in acetone for 3 seconds would work as well so smooth (or rather chemically melt/ dissolve ) the surface

Can you please provide us with Valentines?
Thank you so much for your designs so far and I am keen to complete a Soviet mid-war army for FOW.
Thanks again.

Valentines are scheduled for Pack4 - part 2.

Just posted a pic of several vehicles I made in 1/56th.
Your files are awesome. Thank you.

Welcome, thank you for adding new models- they are gorgeous !!!

excellent soviet tractors and gun. I have been checking the site 3 times a day for a month and I'm so happy to see a new addition. Thanks.

Do you have in any of your great files, a British crusader mk1?
Thanks for these great files

Valentine & Crusader are on the list, but are probably months away. Big list...

I have printed several of these in 1/50th scale and 1/56th scale and they are amazing.
I have also printed a couple of the 1/200 at 1/50th, the barrels become a bit thick but still ok for gaming at those scales.
Can't thank m_bergman enough for his great work.

How much printing material do they use?I've got no prior experience with 3d printing but am curiis to print sole (hopefully cheap? ) hanomags!

Depends on the scale. At 1/56th an m4 Sherman will use approx 30metres of filiment, depending on fill %
A hangman would prob around 15-18metres of filiment.
You can buy abs for £10 for 1kg which is approx 400metres.
So in abs cost a medium tank would be under £1, a hanomag would be approx 50p

Also depends on the infill. Printing at 100% vs 20% will take ~5x more material.

I did say it depends on the fill %
Although why anyone would print at anything beyond 30% for these is beyond me.
Most of mine are printed at 15% fill

15% is a good fill to use but if you did print one at nearly 100% fill, say by accident, you would notice that it has a really nice heavy feel about it!

wow. Thanks so much for this. can't wait for valentines and matildas. I have been trying to scale up the 1/200 models but not always so good at 1/100 scale. I've printed the T34, sherman, firefly, carriers, and a few others. Just excellent. Thank you. Have you thought of infantry already on bases for FOW? That would be fantastic.

all his models do great, just sometimes when rescaling 3d files you may need to recheck them with netfab for any errors that rescaling may create. also some models may need reoriented or printed in a different plane like vertical, horizontal or rotate 90 degrees for best print. but all the 1:200 models I have printed do great from 1:220 Z scale model railroading thru HO scale. but these 1:100 scale will have more detail when scaled up than the 1:200 ones do. just wish there was somebody as talented as m_bergman at making other scale civilian vehicles from 1940s-1970s cars and trucks. I have searched the whole www with every 3D file site and of the ten thousand plus files found (besides his) maybe 6% are usable after a few repairs. and more that wont even open in tact.

so we need to pin an award on this guy for his contributions to the 3D printing world. if you use these models for a base line then nothing else out there would be close to this quality in small scale models. at least for extruder type 3D printers. every time I print one it just blows me away how detailed and trouble free they are. I have a couple dozen vehicles I fixed from other sources and can print but only after hours of repair/tweaking and a few have nearly as much detail but not a fraction of the models in these sets and not as high of percentage of ready to print from same designer. a year ago I did not know just how rare such 3D model designers where. I can count on 1 hand all of them in this ballpark, a few have pulled out of public sites and vanished. and we dont want that to happen any more.

I'm going to try to scale these things to 1:87. (HO) I'll post how it turns out.

Depending on your printer, it should just work, although some of the track guards etc might be a bit lacy at 0.5mm thick.
I'd strongly suggest using 0.15mm or 0.1mm layers.

No, my mistake. I got that backwards. 1/87 is bigger than 1:100, so they should print just fine.

this is by far my favourite collection on thingiverse.
thanks for this.hope to see lots more in this collection.
id really like to see a large artillery piece 25pdr, pak 40 etc as well as a jeep and puma.
thanks again

I have printed some of the 1/200 at 1/100 they look OK some detail (spades etc) is missing simply because it wasn't sculpted in at 1/200 otherwise perfectly god enough for gaming.

If I had my time over again I would have started at 1/200 using bergmans excellent vehicles

All of those things will happen eventually.
For now, 25pdr, jeep & Puma are all available in the 1:200 collections.

Hi very impressed with these models been busy getting tanks printed for Flames of War.

One thing that would really help to complete the range, artillery! Russian artillery could be popular.

The other thing could be Infantry bases (maybe generic) eg A base of rifles , HMG , Anti tank bazooka , etc one Flames of war bases.

Jul 8, 2015 - Modified Jul 8, 2015

Man, you are my hero !!!!
Will test them with my new SLA-Printer.

Jul 2, 2015 - Modified Jul 2, 2015

Any advice from anyone in regards to what support pillar resolution in Simplify3D is optimal for these models (or any other tips)? I have not printed a lot with support and when I did the 4mm default seems to big but when I went smaller for one of these models I think I over did it! Before I print another one I thought I would ask for some advice!

They are awesome by the way.

Jul 3, 2015 - Modified Jul 5, 2015
wisar - in reply to wisar

In answer to my own question...I made a couple of these things and am impressed with how well they turned out. My learnings are in the post on the made page:


1:100 Tanks
by wisar

Thanks for a great selection of models you are obviously very talented this has stimulated some interest in my wargames club.

I notice in the pictures of models a really nice US Halftrack but there doesn't seem to be a corresponding zip file in the list

Any chance of Japanese tanks

Yes, and Italian, when I can get around to it.

Hey, how did you get it to print without an annoying amount of support structure?

I didn't.
Some of these vehicles resemble one of those Excavate-a-dinosaur-skeleton toys when printed.
Setting support to3mm^2 and 50 degrees reduces it massively, but at the potential cost to MGs and tracks.

Comments deleted.

How do you make these models? We tried modeling tanks in Milkshape but seems that we cannot "merge" the parts into one solid mesh. Also there seems to be inverted polygons. The mesh itself looks nice, but Makerware chews up on the model. What step are we missing? Any hints / tips are very much welcome!

If your .STL files are a mess, run them through Netfabb Basic (a free program) to fix them.

Are you going to have a pack 2? (if you do please make a t1 cunningham)

Comments deleted.

Thanks, we have tried it but also Netfabb cannot repair the mesh. :( Would you be open for a quick check if we'd send you one of the models? It's also a tank actually, a WW2 Hungarian tank model (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/43M_Zr%C3%ADnyi). Seems that we could not get the model ready for 3D printing... Thanks!

Many thanks! - We will try it out! :) Have a good weekend and congrats for your work! :)

this is real cool i cant wait to get my own three d printer to make these!!!!!!

Greetings!!! Are you willing to post the Solidworks files?

There are parasolid versions in the zip files.

My slicer only accepts STL files, is there any way I could convert these zip files to a STL format?

If you unzip the files, they contain both .stl and .x_t versions of the files. :)
Windows should see a .zip file as a compressed folder - copy the .stl files inside it to another directory and use them from there.
Not sure about other OS, but there are free unzipping tools for Mac, at least.

Apr 30, 2015 - Modified Apr 30, 2015
Vespo111 - in reply to m_bergman

Oh, thanks very mutch! Speedy reply! I play War thunder tanks and i think it would be very neat to have models of the tanks I drive

On your next vehicle pack (if you are planing a next addtion) I would really like to see a StuG III F or a StuH 42 G.

would love to see a Matilda :)
these are great thanks

Apr 26, 2015 - Modified Apr 26, 2015

your doing a great job ! Thanks on behalve of my son :-)

Thanks for doing this, they look great. I've been printing your other designs scaled up, and look forward to trying these out.

Now, trick question, can they be scaled to 28mm scale :-)

scale them x1.866666666 (187%) :P

If what you are really asking is if they'll be redone at that huge scale with even more detail - sorry, no way.

Nah, I can dig it.

Given that I already scaled the 1:200 stuff to 1:100, I can try to print the 1:100 stuff in 28mm, except the Tiger and IS-3 will not fit my Up Mini :-)

Problem is, every time you double the detail, you more like quadruple the modeling time. At 1:100 I can mostly not worry about checking sizes again, but at 28mm, everything would have to be remeasured, and unsimplified... if I had some investment in 28mm I might have seen the merit, but because I have no interest in it whatsoever, I'm afraid it'll never happen, sorry. Can't afford to spend multiple entire days on one vehicle when there's approx 200 to convert, not to mention new stuff...

There's actually quite a lot of detail in these 1:100 models, so I think they wouldn't look too bad scaled up, except for wall thicknesses.

Use Netfabb to chop the bigger tanks into two pieces and you'll be fine.

these are awesome. Need jeeps and artillery now :)

As always, excellent work! I keep printing and painting; haven't had time to play wargames with them yet!

Awesome models. You must play World of Tanks or War Thunder?

I've always thought it would be cool to do this, and than make it in parts like a modeling kits you put together as a kid.

This looks great !

Good job on the detail. You are an extremely talented modeler! :)