Enlarged Rostock Carriage V1.2 for 12mm smooth rod

by kolergy, published

Enlarged Rostock Carriage V1.2 for 12mm smooth rod by kolergy Apr 26, 2013


Enlarged Rostock Carriage from Jcrocholl modified to:

  • Include a belt tensionning device
  • Take 12x1000mm smooth rods and KB-12-WW Linear Bearings
  • Should clip the bearings (tested)
  • 0.10° bearing holder angles to compensate play
  • Changed groove to improve fabricability
  • T2.5 self locking belt mount based on belt_coupler_v6 from Okatake

Some slight updates for better printing of the belt coupler

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2 out of 3 built at the Artilect FabLab Toulouse on a Prusa with 0.25mm layer height It is necessary to be at least at 0.25mm or lower to get the T2.5 belt grooves correctely

Thoses were built with 0.1 fill density but it seems a bit to light I would recomend 0.2

The 0.1° angles on the bearings is working well: no play and the carriage is going freely

The belt tensioner works, it is not prefect yet & for some reason the small bit dose not comes out quite as neat as the biger part