Reprap Filament Spool

by Noldona, published

Reprap Filament Spool by Noldona May 8, 2013


This is really a collection of parts from other sets to make it easier to print a spool and holder. I removed the hook from the Parametric Filament Spool Mk2 Spool Arm model, and made 3 copies of the arm in 1 model. The hooks that were removed are replaced with the clips from Parametric Filament Spool - Adjustable Hooks. I put 2 of the stands from RepRap RoofTop Spool Stand into 1 model. I also used the spool hub from Parametric Filament Spool Mk2 with axle support. All credit goes to the creator of those sets. I just combined them together to make it easier to print.

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  1. Print 1 copy of each file.
  2. Connect arms to spool hub, and add clips.
  3. Mount spool on threaded rod, and place in stands.
  4. Print 1 spool hub, 1 arm set, and 1 clip set for each additional spool.