OpenBox - BeagleBone Black Enclosure

by phenoptix, published

OpenBox - BeagleBone Black Enclosure by phenoptix May 13, 2013


Based on not just one but two Adafruit designs we've combined the Beagle Bone case with the clip together Raspberry Pi case along with a couple of extra alterations like the hinged lid and improved dragon claws (with inspiration from Deferred Procrastination).

The result is a sturdy clip together case with a hinged lid that will fit your lovely Beagle Bone Black.

We've just added it to our collection at phenoptix.com/products/beagle-bone-black-case-clip-together-enclosure

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Thought you'd like it!

Mmm Beagle Box!!!

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Vimes79 on May 13, 2013 said:

Mmm Beagle Box!!!

phenoptix on May 13, 2013 said:

Thought you'd like it!