Auger OpenSCAD Library

by wtgibson, published

Auger OpenSCAD Library by wtgibson Jun 7, 2013


A library to generate a printable [auger](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auger) in one piece without required support material.

The STLs provided are not intended for direct use, but instead show examples of what can be done with the parametric script.

-Customize the radii, height, number of turns, and even do multiple-start augers.
-Vary the thickness to change the tooth strength.
-Modify the overhang angle to what your printer is capable of.
-Choose a left- or right-handed screw
-Library actually respects $fs, $fa and $fn

Optionally, add a perimeter of support material - forming an [Archimedes' Screw](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archimedes%27_screw).

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I should point out - the Customizer scad has non-default resolution options - making the model more coarse than I would print at. Otherwise it is very slow!
Simply remove the $fs, $fa options, or set them as you wish when generating for printing.

Awesome - love this!

Sweet, I'll give it a go and see how it turns out. And again, nice work!

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Auger OpenSCAD Library by wtgibson is licensed under the GNU - GPL license.

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It works!
I have succesfully printed a design made with this library on an Ultimaker. An overhang angle of 20° works just fine.
If you know the overhang angle your printer is capable of, use that - otherwise try 20 or maybe 30 degrees.

Why is this thing better than the MCAD auger in scew.scad?
1. The design is smooth; a series of correctly-shaped polyhedron rather than a series of flat extruded polygons.
2. The overhang angle is directly specified, rather than produced as a side-effect.
3. Easy to change the strength of the flight by making it thicker
4. Doesn't require you to mess around with creating the correct polygon to make the auger shape you desire.

1. The underside angle is specified as the overhang angle, but the topside angle is zero; flat. If there is a desire I can change this.
2. There are no fillets anywhere; they would be nice-to-have but are difficult to add. (read: I don't know how to do this)

Future considerations:
1. Variable pitch along the length
2. Variable radius along the length
3. Ability to change the auger's top end - whether or not it should be truncated, changing the orientation of the last piece of the flight.
Currently the bottom is truncated, and the top is not. Truncating the top would yield an "axial" face like the bottom, compared to its current "tangential" face.

1. Make sure r1 > 0
2. Overhang angle [0 < angle < 60]
(you could go higher but then it isn't really an auger any more...)
3. Make sure flightThickness is >= the layer thickness of your printer (0.2 on Ultimaker)
4. Minimum support thickness >= 2 * extruded width (0.8 on Ultimaker)
5. Turns is in complete turns. Use turns=angle/360 if needed.


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wtgibson on Jul 3, 2013 said:

I should point out - the Customizer scad has non-default resolution options - making the model more coarse than I would print at. Otherwise it is very slow!
Simply remove the $fs, $fa options, or set them as you wish when generating for printing.

tomburtonwood on Jun 28, 2013 said:

Awesome - love this!

cade007 on Jun 17, 2013 said:

Wow nice work, this is awesome! I was about to design an auger, glad I found this! As an improvement, I would suggest adding a base plate that you could customize for different motor mounts. It would be nice if you could specify the size and shape of the base plate and also have different motor shaft mounting holes.

wtgibson on Jun 17, 2013 said:

Thanks for the compliment. I'm glad you like it!

My current opinion is that I want to keep this as "simple" as possible, in the Unix sense. A single library for a single purpose.

Besides, that's why this is OpenSCAD - its very easy to add or remove material, so each user can have exactly what they need.
Sorry, it's a little more work than I'm willing to put in; I've already spent easily 40+ hours on this.
I'm currently working on a version with conical augers, as well as a C# program that generates OpenSCAD code - making the entire compile time several seconds, instead of ~1h for a nice model.

donb on Jun 9, 2013 said:


wtgibson on Jun 10, 2013 said:


anewsome on Jun 7, 2013 said:

Hi wtgibson. Excellent OpenSCAD project! I have a need for something that looks almost like an auger. It would like an auger with 0 degree turn on each blade. I'm going to download the scad file and see if I can make a 0 degree turn for each auger blade!

wtgibson on Jun 7, 2013 said:

Hi! Thanks for the compliment.
Do you mean a spline? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S...
If so, I'm fairly certain that my library won't do what you want it to.

You could try to make many copies of the augerPolyhedron - but the sides are radial, and not parallel as they would be in a spline.

In this case I would recommend taking a cylinder, and intersecting rectangles to cut away the spline teeth.

If not, can you define a "0 degree turn on each blade"?

wtgibson on Jun 7, 2013 said:

I am willing to maintain this library. If you have any comments/suggestions please comment. I would be honoured if this could make it into the stock libraries that come with OpenSCAD.