DARwIn-OP brackets and parts

by I-Bioloid, published

DARwIn-OP brackets and parts by I-Bioloid Jul 1, 2011

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He is a video that shows the process I have made so far.




These are parts to the DARwIn-OP. Which is a open hardware and software research robot.

CAD files are here:


Robotis website:



Videos of brackets being printed

Check out page 62 of Robot Issue 38 January/February 2013.

My article on this project is:

DARwIn-OP Cloning 3D printing—a case study—by Michael Overstreet

You can also check out Make Magazine volume #34, page 66 for more details on how I made the clone.


Video of all of the brackets printed out.


DARwIn-OP RoMeLa website:

RoMeLa (Robotics & Mechanisms Lab),
Virginia Tech

First videos of the robot in action.




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Do you are using arduino to control it?
McMaster Carr is great but I had to buy 50 to 100 of every screw. Which got expensive. Robotis needs to come out with a screw kit.

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I should add that we are creating our STL files in AutoDesk 123D. I am starting to like this software more and more!


Here is a link to my instructables guide on how I made the DARwIn-OP clone for more information.


File Name



Do you are using arduino to control it?

I uploaded a test video of my darwin OP right leg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bld407HPdMQ

where can i buy the screws?

mcmaster carr or grainger has them usually

McMaster Carr is great but I had to buy 50 to 100 of every screw. Which got expensive. Robotis needs to come out with a screw kit.

<p>are these parts scaled properly? i imported the head file and it says its only 10mm wide?</p>

<p>At one time they were but not know? I uploaded the same files that I used to print my DARwin-OP. I will fix and reload them.</p>

<p>Can you let me know from each items, how may time printing is required, please?</p>

<p>At least two of each. </p>

<p>Go to my instructable and downloaded all the assembly manuals for a detail parts list.</p>


<p>What parts are needed?<br>What size and strength of servos?<br>How many? </p>

<p> The robot is design to use 20 DYNAMIXEL MX-28T. They are about 220.00 USD a piece. Yes I know they are expensive but they are awesome servos.</p>

<p>I see the STLs but where are the Autocad 123D files? </p>

<p>The UP! can now print with a .15 mm layer height! The covers of the OP are looking awesome now. Did not think that I could print them out! It just takes a long time for each print!</p>

<p>Will have a very cool update to this project in a few weeks!!!<br></p>

<p>I love the project but those servos are REALLY expensive</p>

<p>219.00 USD for a state of the art servo is not bad =-X</p>

<p>i just finished my phd in neural computation specializing in developmental knowledge representation and sensorimotor grounded language acquisition, and continually through my phd i kept thinking of how my project would benefit from having access to "real" sensiromotor data from a small humanoid robot instead of the simulated data i was using (and, of course, you have to start this way -- but it's nice to make the transition at some point). i was trying to price one of these out the other day, and really the $10k price tag seems like it's ALL servo. what makes them $220 each? is it the torque, or the digital interface with feedback? could you take a much less expensive but similarly torque-speced servo, and add on some small boards of your own design to give them the same functionality for a quarter of the price?</p>

<p>Peter have you priced robotic servos lately? Here is a write up on what makes the MX-28s so cool! http://www.hizook.com/blog/2011/06/16/new-robotis-dynamixel-servos-mx-28-sport-360-degree-rotation-and-4x-angular-resoluti&lt;/p&gt;

<p>As for a cheaper version. Me and a lot of other people are working on that!! =-X</p>


<p>They are talking about making a DARwIn-OP with AX-12A servos! =-X</p>