• You've never been to the Roman Colosseum? Neither has @CausalJoemama7, but he did the next best thing. He recreated the storied amphitheater and shared it with all of us. Print it today and make plans to visit the real thing soon.

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  • @Dalpek's Optical Illusion Pinwheel has two blades that rotate in opposite directions when the wind blows. The resulting effect is quite hypnotic. Print it, stick it on the end of a pencil, then find some wind. You'll be transfixed.

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  • Making @F_Lab_TH's DIYbio Centrifuge is a great way to learn how lab equipment works and explore the process of DNA extraction. Yes, this is the real deal. You can extract DNA from virtually any living thing and examine it in your own home. Gather your components and start printing!
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