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...ok I'm not...
born in 1987, I always feel the need to explore different and multiple field which often deal with arts and technologies. 3D printing has been a kind of revelation to me, not saying that I'm an expert but I truely love that. I've been a student in the CGI world, unfortunatly I specialized myself as a compositing artist, which means that I didn't specialized in modelisation/sculpting/designing as I now kinda regret....anyway I still have some basics.

Softwares / Skills :
-Photoshop : advanced
-Openscad : intermediate
-Maya : intermediate
-Slic3r : advanced
-Simplify3D : intermediate
-Marlin : intermediate
-Octoprint : novice (newbie w/ raspberry).
-Repetier Host :advanced

My Printers:

-DIY PrintRite
It has been my very first printer. As a total newbie I had no idea of what I was investing in, and as a lot of multicopters hobbyists I discovered and bought it through Hobbyking. THIS PRINTER IS REALLY BAD!!! Honnestly, even after massive upgradesssssss, this printer is still not reliable and absolutly does not worth its cost. I donnot recommend at all.
However and surprisingly I don't regret my investment cause it push me to explore the 3D printing world to find what was going wrong with this printer. I learnt this way (and I'm still learning). The day I felt enough confident to build myself a printer, I used it to build a D-bot. Then I never used it even once...taking dust in my garage waiting to be took to pieces.

This printer is simply awesome! I do have to make some changes from the original designs from Spauda01 especially to handle the heavy 300x300x4mm bed. Now I'm still amazed how this printer can be reliable.....and quiet! yep through this build I surrender that I hate linear bearings for the noize.
I had an absolute fun time to make this build and upgrad it. I totally recommend it.

-Tronxy X3
Courtesy of GearBest, I recently received this printer and I'm currently making first prints. While I was waiting for it I've seen a lot a review which weren't really laudatory, but actually, now that I'm testing it, I find it REALLY interesting for its price. I guess the bad reviews I've found was from *** unable to read the documentations....but I shouldn't talk to fast...will see with time.
However, for sure at a such low cost it needs a few upgrades. But nothing impossible - far from it.
Thing that I love with this printer is that it have no linear bearings -again...yes...I'm developing a fixation about it-
I'll come back here and give more feedbacks and personnal thoughts about this printer, so far it seems to be a perfect printer for newbies ; it is cheap, easy to build, and easy to use.
Here is a 12% off coupon code offer by GearBest : "GBTE"

I Am A…

Artist, Maker

Tools I Use…

Printers: Custom DIY PrintRite, D-bot , Tronxy X3

Design Programs: OpenSCAD, Maya, Photoshop

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