About 1sPiRe

Softwares / Skills :
-Photoshop : advanced
-Openscad : intermediate
-Maya : intermediate
-Slic3r : advanced
-Simplify3D : intermediate
-Marlin : intermediate
-Octoprint : novice (newbie w/ raspberry).
-Repetier Host :advanced

My Printers:

-DIY PrintRite


-Tronxy X3, Courtesy of GearBest
Here is a 12% off coupon code offer by GearBest : "GBTE"

I Am A…

Artist, Maker

Tools I Use…

Printers: Custom DIY PrintRite, D-bot , Tronxy X3

Design Programs: OpenSCAD, Maya, Photoshop

3D Design Skill Level



You can find 1sPiRe participating in these groups

Arduino 90 5,688
OpenSCAD 249 3,968
Tronxy 330 1,035


A snapshot of 1sPiRe's favorite designs, collections and makes

D-Bot Upgrades by 1sPiRe May 10, 2017
Tronxy X3 upgrades by 1sPiRe Sep 30, 2017
DIY PrintRite Upgrades by 1sPiRe May 21, 2016
SCAD/Customizable/Library by 1sPiRe May 21, 2016
Customizable Chess Board by 1sPiRe Aug 23, 2016

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