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We're toy industry pros creating the world's best 3D-printable toys and 3D printer test kits! Our support-free, articulated .STLs are designed to be fun-to-print and fun to pose for pics on social media! Check out our collection that includes Quin, The 3D-Printable Doll; Boon, The Tiny T-Rex; SKULL WARS, Skull Inspired By The Creatures Of Star Wars; and so many more at https://3dkitbash.com/

3DKitbash http://3dkitbash.com/

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Printers: MakerBot Replicator 2


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Boneheads: Raven - Skull Kit - PROMO - 3DKitbash.com by 3DKitbash Apr 5, 2014
Graphica: Fish - 3DKitbash.com - Print & Play by 3DKitbash Feb 5, 2014
3DK Launcher - 3DKitbash.com - Print & Play by 3DKitbash Sep 18, 2013
Quin G1: Mop1 - Hairy EXCLUSIVE - 3DKitbash.com by 3DKitbash Feb 24, 2014
Quin: Skull Mask - 3DKitbash.com by 3DKitbash Jun 5, 2014
Quin G1: Fist1 - Handy UpKit - 3DKitbash.com by 3DKitbash Mar 7, 2014