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Professional, Designer, Maker

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Printers: +20 models 3d printer

Design Programs: Sketchup

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A snapshot of 3DPVDB's favorite designs, collections and makes

Foldie 3D FFF Printer by 3DPVDB Nov 22, 2014
Cobra Mk III from Elite: Dangerous by Frontier Developments by 3DPVDB Jul 6, 2015
Firefighting Drone by 3DPVDB Jan 10, 2015
Lady Sif Armor by 3DPVDB Aug 23, 2016
Peter Quill's Milano spaceship from Guardians of the Galaxy by Marvell Studio's by 3DPVDB Sep 29, 2017
Destiny - Stargate Universe(GITD) by 3DPVDB Aug 17, 2016