About 3Dator

Startup from Darmstadt Germany. Developing new 3D printers that are fast, pricise and reliable.

3Dator http://3dator.com

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Printers: 3Dator, 3Dator Mini

Design Programs: OpenSCAD, Blender, design spark mechanical

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A snapshot of 3Dator's favorite designs, collections and makes

3Dator Bowden Extruder by 3Dator Feb 5, 2016
3Dator Y-piece for dual extrusion with one nozzle by 3Dator Jul 19, 2016
Raspberry Pi Cam Mount by 3Dator Sep 5, 2016
Bottle opener with whistle by 3Dator Mar 21, 2017
Cable clamp for bowden extruders by 3Dator Mar 21, 2017
PCB Plotter Addon by 3Dator Mar 27, 2017