About AK_Eric

I've been professionally involved in computer graphics since 1995, and 3d printing since 2012.

Have two printers:

  • For small stuff, used a Makerbot Replicator (Orignial / 1) from March 2012 until Oct 2018, when I sold it.
  • Replaced with Tevo Little Monster with Duet Ethernet / RepRap Firmware conversion, Oct 2018, .4mm nozzle.
  • For bigger prints, custom build C-Bot: 12x12x21" build volume, Core-XY kinematics,various E3D-v6 Volcano hotends, RepRap Firmware running on a RADDS board. Complete build log here. Slice in Simplify3D.

My designs are created and released for fun, as a hobby: Since so much of what I do professionally is virtual, it's nice to create something physical when I get home :)

Other 3D printing I've done, posted to my blog:

Where I work:


I Am A…

Maker, Artist, Engineer

Tools I Use…

Printers: C-Bot, Tevo Little Monster

Design Programs: Maya, MeshLab, Inkscape, MeshMixer

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Modular Panel System by AK_Eric Sep 17, 2016
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Print The Bay by AK_Eric Dec 17, 2014
Light Orb 01 by AK_Eric Dec 7, 2014