About AndyP

Back in 2011 I assembled a Sells RepRap Mendel and it is still going strong to this day. I print mostly knick-knacks, puzzles, some art, and whatever people ask me to. Am currently excited about the prospects of Made In Space's 3D Printer on the ISS and their opening it up to anyone.

If you need design or print services, you can find me at:
-3D Hubs: http://www.3dhubs.com/boise/hubs/andrew
-Makexyz: http://www.makexyz.com/printer/andyperkins


A snapshot of AndyP's favorite designs, collections and makes

3D Pyramid Tangram with Sphinx Holder by AndyP Jan 30, 2013
Monarch Glider Made by AndyP Sep 24, 2013
Things to Make by AndyP Dec 5, 2012
Soma Cube Labeled by AndyP Jan 11, 2012
Perpetual motion, Leonardo da Vinci Made by AndyP Mar 3, 2013
Demonstrations by AndyP Jan 30, 2013