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Thoughtful Creations | 3D Printables.

We are a creative Product Design team based in Australia. We believe in using great design to drive a positive ecological change within the consumer market place. Our core 3D Printables segment combines older useless technologies and products with the ever advancing 3D Printing technologies or 'Revamped Products'. Find all our products and instructions on how make them at www.avooq.com

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Avooq http://www.avooq.com

I Am A…

Designer, Engineer, Professional

Tools I Use…

Printers: Up Plus2

Design Programs: Solidworks

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A snapshot of Avooq's favorite designs, collections and makes

SplashLIGHT | Up-cycle Any Bottle Into a Beautiful Feature Lamp by Avooq Sep 1, 2014
miniART | MANHOLSTER - Turning humans and animals into functional & artistic objects. by Avooq Dec 4, 2014
Apad | Variable Angle Ipad Dock by Avooq Jul 24, 2014
CDBITS | Expandable, modular CD and DVD connectors. by Avooq Nov 10, 2014
Playstation 1 | Wall Clock by Avooq Oct 20, 2014
The Desperado | Waterproof Keyring Capsule by Avooq Aug 7, 2014