I Am A…

Maker, Designer, Engineer

Tools I Use…

Printers: Thing-O-Matic

Design Programs: Blender, Thingiverse Customizer, OpenSCAD

3D Design Skill Level



A snapshot of Belfry's favorite designs, collections and makes

Thin(ner) Butterfly by Belfry Mar 28, 2012

Featured Thing!

Lepus Colberus (The Colberabbit) Made by Belfry Apr 16, 2012
Things to Make by Belfry Dec 9, 2012
Customizable Slide Blade key generator by Belfry Oct 9, 2013
Printable 3D Skill Badge Made by Belfry Mar 28, 2012
Customizable Belfry mods to USB stick and SD card holder by Belfry Feb 2, 2013