About Bobnet

Engineer, designer, analyst, coder, maker, hacker and juggler.

opensourceparts https://openpart.co.uk

I Am A…

Maker, Professional, Engineer

Tools I Use…

Printers: B9Creator

Design Programs: OpenSCAD, Sketchup, Inventor, Solidworks, POVRay, AutoCAD

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A snapshot of Bobnet's favorite designs, collections and makes

Rodin coil donut creator by Bobnet Feb 1, 2013
Phe - Universal Curvature Constant by Bobnet Mar 17, 2014
Chestahedron by Bobnet May 31, 2014
End Caps for V-Slot by Bobnet Jul 17, 2014
Grill fixings for VW T25 by Bobnet Apr 25, 2017
Delta Joining Plates for 2020 by Bobnet Sep 18, 2015