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We're a group of enthusiastic makers that have been designing stuff since 3D printers first became affordable! We bought the laser-cut wood Makerbot Replicator (serial number #18) the week it came out, and have been printing ever since!

We have a 3D printing shop in Richmond, VA called 3D Central. We do custom design work, sell 3D printers, filament, accessories, and more!
Check out our website! http://www.3DCentralVA.com

Check out our Etsy!: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CarryTheWhat


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Printers: UP! BOX

Design Programs: Blender, Tinkercad, OpenSCAD

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Pokeball, with magnetic clasp by CarryTheWhat Aug 7, 2014
Oddish Planter with Snap Together Legs! by CarryTheWhat Nov 5, 2015

Verified Files

Legend of Zelda: Link's Master Sword! Three Color Print! by CarryTheWhat Apr 4, 2016
Princess Bubblegum Crown by CarryTheWhat Jul 24, 2013
Riddler's Cane from Batman Forever by CarryTheWhat Mar 31, 2016
3D-Printed Circuit Board library (solder-free) by CarryTheWhat Mar 8, 2012

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