I Am A…

Designer, Artist, Maker

Tools I Use…

Printers: Ultimaker Original

Design Programs: Blender

3D Design Skill Level



A snapshot of Chiprobot's favorite designs, collections and makes

Tri_Max_Gripper ( Conforming Robotic gripper ) by Chiprobot Dec 1, 2013
OpenScad Micro Servo Robot Arm Made by Chiprobot Mar 7, 2014
Linear Actuator - Stepper motor version by Chiprobot Apr 23, 2014
Linear Servo Actuator (GM) Gear Motor Version by Chiprobot May 1, 2014
"Matryoshka Dolls" by Chiprobot Nov 4, 2013
Animatronic conforming Hand with Opposable Primate Thumb by Chiprobot May 18, 2014