About Depronized

I'm a keen model builder, maker or just generally creative person. I've always been creative and loved building models, with focus on working ones. When I got plastic display models as a kid I would always try to throw them hard enough to see if I could get any kind of aerodynamic behavior out of them, it obviously resulted in them always crashing instead.

I've always prioritized function over detail, mainly with RC airplanes with a focus on mimicking full scale structures using depron for large scale models. (Search Depron Airbus A340 on rcgroups).

So.. 3D printing. I've always been very bad with patients, maybe because I always have so many ideas so I hardly barely finish one before I start the other. 3D-printing has opened up a whole new world for me as a restless creative person as it removes the most time consuming part of the work, the actual building and reduce it to the more fun parts of planning and assembling.

The reason you see trains here is not because I love trains. I've never actually been interested in trains. But the combination of small kids, 3D-printing, a profession in electric motors and me getting really bored with playing with Brio trains with my son made this a perfect thing to do, make fun functional models that my son could play with and which presented just the right kind of challenge I look for.

Although flying things has always been my biggest passion, it was refreshing to make something non weight-critical for a change!

This means that you will most likely see a vast variety of things published here. My ideas range from everything from radio controlled planes, drones, boats to lamps, flowerpots, water bottle rocket accessories, art, musical instruments, electromechanics, robots and whatever else I can channel my need to be creative towards.

I'm not a pro CAD designer, my CAD skills are more driven by my ideas and projects. If I have an idea I will try as hard as I can to figure out how to accomplish it in Fusion 360 that I'm currently working in, always learning a lot along the way but probably not always doing it the most efficient way.

I Am A…

Engineer, Designer, Maker

Tools I Use…

Printers: Prusa Mk2

Design Programs: Fusion 360

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