Battery shield/guard 36x65mm by DiAleksi Nov 19, 2017
Flex Quad 130 V2 (indestructible semiflexible full body quad) by DiAleksi Oct 31, 2017
4S (35mm) battery guard for Dquad Obsession by DiAleksi Oct 29, 2017
Flex Nano Whoop vertical FC by DiAleksi Oct 22, 2017
Flex frame inspired by Obssession by DiAleksi Oct 14, 2017
Cover/shield for Racerstar RS30AL Blheli_S ESC with RGB LED by DiAleksi Oct 8, 2017
Reptile S800 FC mount on stock pdb by DiAleksi Oct 5, 2017
Filament rollier guide for 10x26x8mm bearing by DiAleksi Oct 5, 2017
DQuad Obsession arm v2 by DiAleksi Oct 3, 2017
S800 Reptile wing L9R and VTX mounts by DiAleksi Sep 25, 2017
Drum stick for kids by DiAleksi Sep 13, 2017
Triple Feed Patch spacer and assembler stand by DiAleksi Sep 12, 2017