About DrLex

I bought a FlashForge Creator Pro on a whim around the middle of 2016 without having many specific plans for it, but I haven't regretted it ever since. I use it together with Slic3r. If you want to try this yourself, I provide my Slic3r configs and a lot of useful hints on my website.

If you browse through my Things, you'll find many remixes, most of which are improvements upon an existing model that I wasn't entirely happy with. If I notice a flaw or weakness in a model, I try to fix it and I share the improved model.

If you like my models and download them for later, be sure to re-check if there is not an update before you start printing. I regularly improve upon the models and update the files with a new version. If there is something you think can be improved about a model, just ask, or remix it yourself!

And if you really like a model, tips are always appreciated! :) You can use the ‘tip designer’ button at the left, or on a Thing page. If you want to donate using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin Cash, here are the addresses you can use.


I Am A…

Engineer, Maker

Tools I Use…

Printers: Creator Pro

Design Programs: Blender, Illustrator, Inkscape, OpenSCAD

3D Design Skill Level



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A snapshot of DrLex's favorite designs, collections and makes

Pile of Poo Emoji (U+1F4A9) by DrLex Jul 20, 2016
Flexi Rex with stronger links by DrLex Dec 30, 2017
Hinged Chest with Working Lock and Wood Texture by DrLex Feb 22, 2018
Adjustable 50mm diameter spool holder for FFCP by DrLex Aug 28, 2016
FlashForge Creator Pro front dual fan duct by DrLex Jul 15, 2016
Mini Trash Can with moving wheels by DrLex Dec 2, 2016