Hinged Case for Earphones (separate parts remix) by DrLex 19 hrs ago
Bag sealing clip (customizable) by DrLex Nov 5, 2017
Customizable spiral vase Sierpinski pyramid (subtractive model) by DrLex Oct 29, 2017
Customizable sieve / filter / strainer by DrLex Oct 10, 2017
Kawai Tsugite Joint Puzzle (40mm size, larger tolerances) by DrLex Sep 23, 2017
Customizable Twist Box (improved model) by DrLex Sep 20, 2017
Display stand for Sierpinski octahedron / octahedron flake by DrLex Sep 17, 2017
Box cutter blade slide and locking mechanism by DrLex Aug 25, 2017
Marvin with Improved Crotch by DrLex Aug 25, 2017
X endstop trigger for FFCP when printing without right extruder by DrLex Aug 8, 2017
Classic Poker Chip (dual color) by DrLex Aug 6, 2017
Vibration damper for FlashForge Creator Pro (round feet) by DrLex Jul 30, 2017