About DrewSmith007

I got my Mechanical Engineering Technology degree from Oklahoma State University in May, 2009. I've since worked in the Aerospace and Naval fields as an Electical/Mechanical Engineer.

My hobbies include building and collecting film and television prop replicas. I'm currently working on a functional replica of Mal's pistol from Firefly that involves 3D printing, CNC milling, manual milling and investment metal casting.

I'm also building a replica of the Ford Explorer Tour Vehicle from Jurassic Park. I'm in the process of creating the buck for the acrylic roof dome, and hope to have the car finished for the June premiere of Jurassic World.

I would like to contribute to the maker community in the future by bringing a 3D printer/CNC router/Laser cutter & engraver to the market. I've also built 2 electric metal melting furnaces and am currently working on a vacuum assisted investment casting setup. I would like to make metal casting more utilized by makers with an automated vacuum casting machine that never exposes the maker to extreme temperature, making the process much safer.

I also enjoy photograpy/videography, working on cars, shooting, and I will eventually finish my pilot's license.

I Am A…


Tools I Use…

Printers: Makerfarm Prusa V2, Formlabs Form 2, Play

Design Programs: Solidworks, Fusion 360, Illustrator

3D Design Skill Level