About Eckerput

A chemical engineer by training, but I love computers and building things. 3D printing seemed like the perfect hobby. I print with a Printrbot LC V1, but I've added a few upgrades to it.

I Am A…

Maker, Engineer

Tools I Use…

Printers: Printrbot Plus

Design Programs: OpenSCAD, Photoshop, Tinkercad, Sketchup

3D Design Skill Level



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A snapshot of Eckerput's favorite designs, collections and makes

Can Handle by Eckerput Sep 22, 2013
Universal Phone Car Mount by Eckerput Nov 2, 2014
Cylinder Vase, Cup, and Bracelet Generator by Eckerput Aug 4, 2013
Square Vase, Cup, and Bracelet Generator by Eckerput May 12, 2013
Magnetic Vase by Eckerput Sep 28, 2014

Verified Files

Table Trash Bag Clips V2 by Eckerput Oct 5, 2014