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I'm co-developer of the http://Ultimaker.com 3D printer and and http://YouMagine.com I'm an open source entrepreneur. I created two ICT startups that do well. I'm doing research into innovation and disruptive technologies. This is where RepRap, FabLabs and other fabrication facilities come into play: professional fabrication is becoming more and more accessible for the creative or even the average person. I've built and share 4 RepRap's (+derivatives) and 3D printing objects, especially on your own machine, is really a magical experience. I'm also building more RepRaps with the FabLabs in the Netherlands and I give presentations on user fabrication at:

2010-12 BOTACON, New York City, USA (announced here)
2010-11 Demo'd Ultimaker at TEDxAmsterdam
2010-11 Talk at Fourth Annual Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit, FSCONS 2010, Gothenburg, Sweden
2010-08 FAB6. Together with Adrian Bowyer and Rhys Jones, Amsterdam.
2010-06 Open Community Camp 2010 (talk and demo)
2010-04 European Space Agency (ESA). Talk on RepRap, self-replicating flexible manufacturing tools and Additive Manufacturing and its applications in the space sector.
2010-04 Speaking at SHiFT Portugal. Also hosting a tech workshop.
2010-03 MIT Innovation Lab, Talk on my RepRap and Open Hardware research at MIT Sloan School of Management,Cambridge, MA, USA
2010-02: FOSDEM 10, Brussels (Demo. Talk by Adrian Bowyer)
2010-01 Guest Lecture at Erasmus University, Rotterdam, NL.
2009-11 NPOX new media festival (demo), Hilversum, NL
2009-11 Innovation centered conference at Essent, Den Bosch, NL
2009-11 The Emergence of Innovation Communities in Open Hardware, Nottingham University, UK
2009-11 Media Ecologies, Salford University, Manchester, UK
2009-10 PHILIPS Corporate Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation Masterclass, Deurne, NL
2009-08 Hacking At Random, Demo during main track. Speakers: Adrian Bowyer and Neil Gershenfeld, Vierhouten, NL
2009-06 Reboot 11 in Copenhagen, Denmark
2008-11 The Wikimedia Conference (Wikipedia), Utrecht, NL

Interviews / other coverage:
2010-04 Interview in Dutch radio show "Met 't oog op morgen" (weblog, player, mp3)
2010-04 Dutch Newspaper "Trouw": two page article
2010-03 Interview Reformatorisch dagblad (article forthcoming)
2010-03 Omroep Brabant (Hot en Gespot)
2010-02 Dutch National news: NOS Journaal op 3 (view it via Youtube)
2010-02 Dutch Newspaper article in NRC and NRC.next (also: video interview on NRC.next weblog)
2009-12 Dutch article in Intermediair

View my Blog about fabrication & RepRap: http://blog.erikdebruijn.nl/
Connect to my linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/edebruijn
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ErikDeBruijn

My company that sponsors RepRap and Thingiverse: https://www.budgetdedicated.com/RepRap

ErikDeBruijn http://www.youmagine.com/

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Printers: Ultimaker 2