About FabLabFaenza

Hi, we are an Italian FabLab located in Faenza hosted by Carlo Zauli Museum. We're mostly product and graphic designers working on spread digital knowledge (CNC Milling, 3D print with polimers and clay, web design, 3D modelling). Follow us and share with us your experience!

• Our site: http://www.fablabfaenza.org/
• 3D Hub: http://www.3dhubs.com/bologna/hubs/fablab-faenza
• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fablabfaenza
• Instagram: http://instagram.com/fablabfaenza


I Am A…

Designer, Maker, Teacher

Tools I Use…

Printers: PowerWASP - Kiwi 3D

Design Programs: Blender, Illustrator, Inkscape, MeshLab, MeshMixer, Rhino

3D Design Skill Level