About HannDMaker

I'm a middle school teacher. I teach shop [Design and Technology], and computers [Information Technology]. I am pretty skilled with wood. I have some experience now with metal and plastic material, including MIG welding, as well as basic electronics [LED's, transistors, etc.]. I have also tried my hand at Arduino programming, HTML, a little bit of Scratch and also Flash. I love making movies using iMovie. I'm also a musician [percussion], and I love the outdoors!

The most exciting news is that (after opening this account a few years ago never dreaming that I might ACTUALLY get one) I've recently begun a pilot project with my school using a MakerBot Replicator Dual Extrusion 3D printer!

For my professional learning (besides continuing to develop the above areas), in the future I'd like to take some courses on MIG welding, as well as get into CNC, and Flash Animation.

My current projects:

  • an Arduino powered automatic cat water dish [with sensors, pumps]
  • a Thermo Plastic Vacuum Former [costs $2000-$5000... i'm MAKING one for about $75... almost done!]
  • a rain barrel system to collect and clean rainwater
  • finishing my basement... [argh]
  • various "weekend projects" from Make Magazine